Malinao Beach

General Luna, Surigao del Norte

Malinao Beach is located in the municipality of General luna, Surigao del Norte. Just a few kilometers from Siargao's surf central Cloud 9, a quiet beach of powdery sand lined with coconut trees. Malinao is the perfect spot to just sit, relax, dig your toes into the sand, and simply let time pass.

Malinao Beach News

  • Travel Guide Siargao Island

    Travel Guide Siargao Island

    Another year ends, but another year of travel begins. While some were busy preparing for noche buena, I was just in my room packing my bag and thinking what would it be like to ride a wave for the first time. Yay! I want to find out why everybody is so in love with surfing. Why everyone says it's addictive? Why everyone keeps on coming back to Siargao Island? And all these questions will be answered on this post.

    We landed Surigao City airport few minutes late from the estimated time of arrival due to air traffic delays. It was new year and there were no scheduled ferries that would transp ...

  • Starting The Year In Breathtaking Siargao

    Starting The Year In Breathtaking Siargao

    Aloha! It's 2017 and I've started the year with a very adventurous and "buwis-buhay" experience. This is my first ever trip to Mindanao particularly in CARAGA region. From Cebu, we landed to the City of Island Adventures or what we have known as Surigao on the very first day of the year.

    Siargao offered a different experience to me. It is not just the islands and the beaches. To me, it is more on the waves, the dialect and the people. Siargao could be a place I can compare with Palawan (particularly Coron) though I can say Siargao has already been dominated by foreigners. My brother even co ...

  • Siargao Island Philippines Came-tv Argo Sony A7s

    We spent amazing two weeks on Siargao Island, exploring its beaty and meeting awesome people everywhere.

    Hotel Viento Del Mar situated in between Cloud 9 nd General Luna (check it out at invited us to this island and we were so happy to stay there! Siargao is known as "Surfing Capital of the Philippines", but it's not just surfing that you can enjoy there - this island is absolutely beautiful and not yet crowded with tourists.

    You can relax on one of the many beautiful beaches of Siargao or hop on a party boat with friends and explore little paradise islands aro ...

  • 8 beautiful white PH beaches perfect for barefoot walking

    8 beautiful white PH beaches perfect for barefoot walking

    Fine, fine sand, colors so vivid the place feels unreal. See locations in Siargao, Palawan, Quezon, and more.

    Aside from enjoying the view and taking a dip in the waters of beautiful beaches, do you like walking barefoot and feeling the sand on your toes? Not all amazing beaches are equally amazing for your feet, so below is a list of some beautiful and barefoot-friendly beaches.

    Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas, Vinzons, Camarines Norte
    Over one kilometer of powder-fine white sand hemmed in by bright green hills, and waters so clear and blues and so vivid they almost look unreal ??" you hav ...

  • Some Other Things That You Should Try In Siargao

    Some Other Things That You Should Try In Siargao

    Let's say you've already surfed at Cloud 9 and got that nice, clean wave you've been praying for. You have also dipped yourself in Magpupungko's natural infinity pool and has gone out on an island hopping tour in Guyam, Daku and Naked Islands. What more can you do in Siargao? We'll there's still a lot this little piece of heaven has to offer. And I'm naming them one by one.

    1. Talk a short walk at the Boulevard, General Luna.

    It maybe a public place being the center of activities in the town, the Boulevard in General Luna would surprise you with its calm, laid back environment. On low ti ...

  • 5 Things To Do In Siargao

    5 Things To Do In Siargao

    I met a lot of good people while I was in Siargao. I did a lot of things there and Im pretty missing everything and everyone back in paradise. So yeah, let me jot down everything the non-touristy things to do in Siargao.

    Aside from the famous and beautiful island hopping in Siargao, ( I wasn't able to do that, I went there and felt like it rained the whole week. Such a bummer!) there are other non touristy things to do in Siargao.

    These following top 5 are amongst the many many things Id love to do in Siargao.


    Siargao is beautiful and there are many hidde ...