Magpupungko Beach

Pilar, Surigao del Norte

Magpupungko White Beach is located near Pilar, Siargao, Surigao del Norte. The pool is perfect for swimming during low tides. You can take a relaxing dip in Magpupungko Rock Pool a few meters away.

The deepest part of the crystal clear natural saltwater Magpupungko Rock Pool is about 18 feet deep during low tide. In the background, you will have a great view of the waves crashing to ...

the shore which creates a natural infinity pool.

Magpupungko White Beach Siargao News

  • Wow Siargao Part 2: Cloud 9 Surfing And Magpupungko Beach

    Wow Siargao Part 2: Cloud 9 Surfing And Magpupungko Beach

    How come we city dwellers show so much awe at farm fields as far as the eyes can see, or by hearing the crashing sound of waves against the shore or merely breathing fresh air at any time of the day? By all means, island life in its purest form is heaven on earth, a paradise simply put. Being in a busy city is all about spontaneity, urgency and facade which ushers in temporary pleasure or a lost sense of contentment. Siargao, bless the island, is not like any other island or tourist spot in the Philippines. Siargao has so much to offer more than its perfect surf waves or friendly faces, Siarga ...

  • Revisiting Siargao After Six Years

    Revisiting Siargao After Six Years

    A lot has changed in Siargao since the fist time I visited in 2012. The quiet island where I found peace and serenity during one of my first memorable solo trips felt uncomfortably crowded. Despite it being the lean season, direct flights have made the island more accessible to international and local tourists. Tourism is booming in General Luna.

  • Siargao Day 2

    Siargao Day 2

    When Claudia found out that I was going to Siargao with my friends the first thing she told me was, "mom, you will be OP (out of place) there "cos these people are going to party! What are you going to do?" She knows I don't party and I don't drink. She knows I hate going out at night.

  • Siargao, Philippines Travel Vlog 1

    Travelling to Siargao in a different perspective. Roadtrip from Biliran Island Province to Surigao Del Norte.

  • Return To Paradise

    Return To Paradise

    I went back to Siargao after visiting the island barely a month ago. This time, I was with buddies Vanessa M. (AKA Mami Ban) and Alain L., who flew all the way from Zambo to join us in the Davao-Siargao maiden flight last March 25.

    So, why the quick return? This beautiful island in the Pacific has always been paradise but we just cant ignore the fact that it took us at least 10 hours minimum, weather permitting, to get there. Last month, it took us even around 15 hours via RoRo (roll-on, roll-off). Thus, the 50-minute Philippine Airlines flight, which we got at P3,100 (roundtrip), is simply ...

  • Day 02 Magpupungko Beach Siargao Island

    On our way to Siargao Island to see the beauty of Magpupungko tidal rock pool.. It's been raining cats and dogs and due to the unpredictable weather we are not able to give justice to the beauty of this place. I am only using my Sony Z2 and my Supremo 4k action cam for the underwater shots so please bear with me 😂 but of course it is better if you will see it by your own eyes so pack your bags, get a ticket and visit Siargao Island.

    If you need assistance (Tickets, where to stay, vans, tours) DM me!