Magpupungko Rock

Pilar, Surigao del Norte

Magpupungko Rock Pool is located near Pilar, Siargao, Surigao del Norte. The pool is perfect for swimming during low tides. You can relax on nearby Magpupungko Beach a few meters away.

The deepest part of the crystal clear natural saltwater Magpupungko Rock Pool is about 18 feet deep during low tide. In the background, you will have a great view of the waves crashing to the shore wh ...

ich creates a natural infinity pool.

Magpupungko Rock Pool and Flats Siargao News

  • Siargao Day 1: Magpupungko Tidal Pool, Taktak Falls, Tayangban Cave

    Siargao Day 1: Magpupungko Tidal Pool, Taktak Falls, Tayangban Cave

    Our trip to Siargao wasnt as perfect as the itinerary I drafted. I was anticipating for a smooth and hassle free travel and an adventure full of sunshine. In my mind played a picture of what I wanted our adventure to be like. For days! Flawlessly taken photos, amazing video clips and moments filled with bliss! Those were the things I had going on inside my head. However, we encountered the opposite from the very first day. We were supposed to spend five days in Siargao but the unexpected delays cut it short to barely four full days.

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    30th Birthday In The Philippines! Emma turned turned 30 and we celebrated with a road trip to Magpupungko Beach Siargao at low tide.

    This Philippines travel vlog we had a road trip to one of the coolest rock pools you will ever see see. Magpupungko is a unique spot, great for snorkelling, rock jumping and relaxing.

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    On our way to Siargao Island to see the beauty of Magpupungko tidal rock pool.. It's been raining cats and dogs and due to the unpredictable weather we are not able to give justice to the beauty of this place. I am only using my Sony Z2 and my Supremo 4k action cam for the underwater shots so please bear with me 😂 but of course it is better if you will see it by your own eyes so pack your bags, get a ticket and visit Siargao Island.

    If you need assistance (Tickets, where to stay, vans, tours) DM me!

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    10 Tourist Spots In Siargao For Non-Surfers

    Siargao is famous for being the "Surfing Capital Of The Philippines" not just to us Filipinos but to a big number of foreign travelers. However, contrary the popular belief that this stunning island is only ideal for surfing enthusiasts is the fact that it has a lot to offer even to non-surfers. This island is simply one of the most beautiful tropical paradise in the country. It is a haven to nature lovers as it showcases the best of what nature can offer from lagoons, caves, waterfalls, mangroves, lakes and acres of tropical palm trees. It is also surrounded with so many stunning little islan ...

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    The most popular island hopping tour in Siargao is made up by the three islands (Daku, Guyam and Naked), set just a short distance off the main beach in General Luna.

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    Exploring Siargao 4D/3N Itinerary For Non-Surfers

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