Mabua Pebble Beach

Surigao City, Surigao del Norte

Mabua Pebble Beach is reachable thirty minutes by land westward from Surigao City, Surigao del Norte. Mabua Pebble Beach is a kilometer-long stretch of multi sized pebble beach. It is laden with parallel lines of native cottages set in the natural backdrop of coconut tree-laced hills and deep cool waters. The place is ideal for swimming, windsurfing, jetskiing or simply, lying in wait for the occu ...

rrence of its dramatic sunset.

Mabua Pebble Beach News

  • Surigao Del Norte Travel Guide: Where To Go And What To Do

    Surigao Del Norte Travel Guide: Where To Go And What To Do

    Few days before my trip to this province, I was looking for something to read about Surigao del Norte tourist spots and a dedicated Surigao del Norte travel blog but I found so little. Now that I am back in Manila it is time to give back by sharing to you my suggestions on what to see and where to go in Surigao del Norte. Not to be confused by the famous Siargao island (also part of this province by jurisdiction), Surigao del Norte deserves a recognition of its own.

  • Exploring Mabua And Looc Beach

    Exploring Mabua And Looc Beach

    Ever since I have been assigned back to the mine site two months ago, instead of just staying at the staff house on Sundays I try to explore places in Surigao City. Last month, I together with two workmates Salee and Jill explored the pebble beaches and water village of Surigao City. For this post, I will only talk about our trip to the pebble beach. Details of our visit to the water village to follow.

  • Mabua Pebble Beach In Surigao Del Norte Philippines

    Hey, fellow life-forms! Yesterday we went to a known beach here in Surigao City, Surigao del Norte called the Mabua Pebble Beach. Unlike any other beaches in the Philippines, Mabua is founded with rocks that altogether look like a sea of pebbles. It may sound crazy to some since we're used to sand beaches but to try new stuff may lead to awesome discoveries.

    Make sure that you listen to this with your earphones on so you can listen to it better.

  • Suroy Sa Surigao Day 2

    Suroy Sa Surigao Day 2

    In Day 2 of my Surigao escapade, I visited some of the islands under Surigao City. The first one was Hikdop Island which had two popular tourist destinations. The first one is the Buenavista Cave and the second one is the Pagkawasan Beach. After our adventures at Hikdop Island, our Suroy sa Surigao tour took us to Basul Island before going back to the mainland.

    Suroy sa Surigao Day 2

    I was really excited for Day 2 of the Suroy sa Surigao because it involved island-hopping which is my favorite things to do every summer. I woke up early and had an early breakfast at Le Chard Place Bed and ...

  • Surigao Hosts 4th Mindanao Dragon Boat Race

    Surigao Hosts 4th Mindanao Dragon Boat Race

    The city government through its Tourism Office is all set for the 4th Mindanao Dragon Boat Race, a paddle for peace contest, on Sunday, May 21, in Barangay Mabua.

    "This is the first time that the city will host such event," city tourism officer Roselyn B. Merlin said.

    City Mayor Ernesto T. Matugas expressed full support to the race hoping to make it an international event like surfing and game-fishing in Siargao Island.

    Merlin said the Surigao Dragon Boat Challenge 2017 is expected to draw nine dragon boat teams from all over Mindanao, and will be joined by the homegrown team Bugsay M ...

  • Island Adventures In The South

    Island Adventures In The South

    It is the dream of every tourist destination to be a byword for travelers and go trending on social media.

    Surigao City, one of northern Mindanao's emerging escapades, has become an overnight media sensation of sort because of a 6.7- intensity earthquake that struck on February 10. It got more than the media exposure it ever dreamted of, only in a rather unfavorable light, as various reports have portrayed it as a city in rubble.

    The scenario resulted in the cancellation of tours and conferences??"compounding the city's lost economic opportunities.


    But even before the ...