Lumondo Falls

Alegria, Surigao del Norte

Lumondo Waterfalls and Eco Park is located in Brgy. Budlingin, Municipality of Alegria is just 2 kilometers from the Poblacion in Surigao del Norte.

One will be awed by the huge volume of water cascading into a 45 meter granite precipice a majestic panorama which can be viewed from a misty mountain trail.

Lumondo Falls and Eco Park News

  • Lumondo Waterfalls Of Surigao Del Norte

    It was brown out the whole day (7AM-5PM) in Surigao City, so me & my cousin decided to check out these tourist spots (Lumondo Waterfalls & Tinago Lagoon) in Surigao del Norte )

    FYI: The road going to Lumondo Waterfalls (to my surprise) is already concrete / cemented / paved all the way from the highway to Lumondo Falls Information Center @ Brgy. Budlinging, Alegria ^_^ Just be careful / on the look out for electric posts being installed in the MIDDLE of the road??? Really? WTF contractor? hehe An accident waiting to happen for someone whose not alert!

    Our overall expense was, guess what ...

  • Mabua Pebble Beach and Lumondo Falls

    Day one hundred and eight: january 15, 2016: lake mainit and mabua pebble beach

    Surigao City is not the most interesting city by far. As we approached our arrival in Surigao City, we began to do some research on what there was to see there. To our disappointment, everything interesting to see was on another island at least a several hour boat ride away, making it a little bit difficult to visit in one day. Since we didn't have enough days to stay the night on one of those islands, we had to explore by car within driving distance of the city. Thankfully, we had a private driver, Noel, who gr ...

  • Wonderful Surigao Del Norte

    Wonderful Surigao Del Norte

    The province of Surigao del Norte is located in the Caraga Region of the Philippines. It is rich with minerals such as gold, copper, bronze and cobalt. This is the reason why several mining operations are happening in the island. The abundance of minerals in Surigao specifically nickel is found in Nonoc Islands. Aside from the economic stability of the province, Surigao is also considered to be a top tourist destination during the summer because of its beautiful beaches and rich marine life.

    Tourists from all over the world visit Surigao to experience the fascinating water sports it has to ...

  • Surigao City Launches Tourism Circuit

    It will definitely be more fun in the Caraga Region with the recent launch of Surigao City Plus, a tourism cluster incorporating the attractions of 11 neighboring towns of Surigao del Norte.

    According to Surigao City Mayor Ernesto Matugas, the newly-crafted tourism cluster aims to produce synergy among the nearby towns to harness the full potentials of their natural attractions as tourism products.

    Tours emanate from Surigao, dubbed "The City of Island Adventures," with 21 of its barangays located in 17 charming islands. For sun lovers and true blue adventurers, the city is an archipelag ...

  • Top 10 Must Visit Attractions of Surigao del Norte

    Top 10 Must Visit Attractions of Surigao del Norte

    Most people come to Surigao del Note to go surfing. It's not a secret that in the Philippines, the best place to meet the waves is in Siargao Island, which is part of Surigao del Norte. Although that is where most tourists go, the province has several other attractions to visit, and here are the top 10 must visit:

    1. Sohoton Cave. This is a very enchanting cave that is half-submerged in water at most times. It is accessible only during low tides, and inside there is a lagoon with a number of islets with waters that just sparkle. The cave is located in Bucas Grande.

    2. Lumondo Waterfall ...

  • Tourist Spots

    Tourist Spots

    Suhoton Cave, Buca's Grande
    This enchanting cave is half- submerged in water most of the time and is accessible only during low tides, inside is a lagoon with countless islets and crystal waters that sparkle with the bright reflection of the sea.

    One can also experience a rare opportunity to swim and float with thousands of non-stinging jelly fish inside the lagoon.

    Lumondo Waterfalls and Eco-Park
    This natural park nestled at Brgy. Budlingin, Municipality of Alegria is just 2 kilometers from the Poblacion. One will be awed by the huge volume of water cascading into a 45 meter granite p ...