Lake Mainit

Mainit, Surigao del Norte

Lake Mainit is the fourth largest lake in the Philippines, having a surface area of 173.40 square kilometers. The lake is also the deepest lake in the country with maximum depth reaching 223 meters. It is located in northeastern part of Mindanao and shared between the provinces of Surigao del Norte and Agusan del Norte.

The pear-shaped Mainit Lake engulfs the municipalities of Maini ...

t and Alegria between Surigao and Butuan. At a certain season, one can admire the purplish blooms of water hyacinths and lilies. Its placid
waters is a sanctuary of thousands of wild ducks. The banks of the lake also contain many waterfalls.  Wiki

Lake Mainit News

  • Lake Mainit In Agusan Del Norte

    Lake Mainit In Agusan Del Norte

    The deepest lake in the country and also the 4th largest lake in the Philippines. Almost equally distributed between the province of Surigao Del Norte and Agusan Del Norte; surrounded by the towns of Mainit and Alegria, and Kicharao and Jabonga respectively.

  • Wandering Around Mainit Surigao Del Norte

    Wandering Around Mainit Surigao Del Norte

    Today and yesterday were declared special non-working days in the Philippines in observance of All Saints Day. I didnt want to spend two days in the staff house just watching movies. I decided Ill be spending the holiday in the city to catch up on my writing (I still have so many things to publish in this blog) and maybe visit a place in Surigao I havent been to yet.

  • Travel And Be Bold

    Travel And Be Bold

    Sometimes you just need to get out of your comfortable spot and seek the recesses of the unknown - this is one of the things I had in mind when I went on a trip which made me realize that travelling solo can be a very reflective experience.

    It started with a promise.

    I made arrangements to meet my friend after a seminar supposed to be held in Surigao City last February 18, but since it was postponed, I decided to push my plans with my friend who lives in Barangay Siana, Mainit, Surigao del Norte.

    I really got mixed feelings about this trip. I think of it as a big risk because of repor ...

  • DPWH Improves Road To Lake Mainit

    DPWH Improves Road To Lake Mainit

    The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has recently upgraded a circumferential road in Surigao del Norte that will increase the growing popularity of one of the province's sanctuaries of aquatic animals and marine resources.

    With an allocation of P144-million, DPWH has improved a total of 5.8 kilometers of road linking three barangays of Surigao del Norte's Mainit town. This gives local and international tourists a smoother access to Lake Mainit, the fourth largest lake in the Philippines.

    Based on the report submitted by DPWH Region XIII, the road improvement project covers ...

  • Agog Over Agusan Del Norte Part 2

    Agog Over Agusan Del Norte Part 2

    Bursting with so many natural attractions, Agusan del Norte is probably among those provinces that rarely see throngs of tourists. Even so, going there has long been part of my bucket list. It was only this year though that my plan of exploring AgNor's bucolic beauty finally found fruition. Good thing, I got to scour some parts of the province where wonderful spots are located that other adventure junkies have yet to discover.

    Gifted with so many unspoiled wonders, the province is perhaps best known as the home of marvelous Lake Mainit, the fourth largest lake in the country with a total ar ...

  • Agog Over Agusan Del Norte Part 1

    Agog Over Agusan Del Norte Part 1

    Agape. Aglow. Agog. These three best describe what I felt during my sojourn to one of Caraga Region's most progressive provinces??"Agusan del Norte, which I'd like to call AgNor for short. Sounds exage, all right, but can't blame me for being overwhelmed by what I saw there. Geez, it seemed like ages since I first set foot in that part of Mindanao so a revisit is a must!

    After putting my AgNor escapade in the back burner for five years, I finally pushed through with it. Although I was able to return to Butuan City in 2014, I didn't get the chance to roam around the province itself. It's a ...