Jacking Horse Surfing

General Luna, Surigao del Norte

Jacking Horse Surf Break is located around the corner from Cloud 9 break on Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte. True to it's name it is a powerful wave that jacks on it's peak and smashes onto a shallow reef then reforms on the inner reef. It is best to ride from medium to high tide.

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  • Exploring Siargao: Sand, Surf And Sun

    Exploring Siargao: Sand, Surf And Sun

    The days leading up to this trip had been quite trying to say the least. Writers block had been hanging around for the last few weeks having trouble to make the last few trips relatable had been a challenge. Plus seeing the internet blow up during holy week about how tourists are trashing Siargao had made me a little less excited about the trip. But I knew I needed to get my fix of Sand, Sea and Surf! We almost missed our flight which gave me an anxiety attack! As the plane took off we were laughing and pumping adrenaline through our veins!

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    Siargao Travel Guide 2018, 33 Things To Do On Siargao Island

    Here is your most updated Siargao travel guide! Listed down 33 things to do in Siargao. Nothing is a must.

  • 3 Days Siargao Itinerary For Your Next Barkada Getaway

    3 Days Siargao Itinerary For Your Next Barkada Getaway

    Talk about Siargao and "surfing" always comes to mind. No surprise ??" it's dubbed as the "Surfing Capital of the Philippines" and has gained international attention due to its powerful, unparalleled waves. But is Siargao really just about surfing? Definitely… No! This beautiful island in the southern part of the Philippine archipelago is also home to exciting activities that will cater to non-surfers, too!

    So if you and your barkada (circle of friends) want to get stoked this summer, here's a three-day Siargao itinerary fresh from my experience. You're welcome!

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  • Siargao The Chillest Island Ever

    Siargao: The chillest island ever!

    March 28: Sugba Lagoon
    March 29: Magpupungko Rock Pools, Island hopping: Guyam Island, Daku Island, Naked Island
    March 30: Cloud 9, Surfing
    March 31: Rest
    April 1: Surigao City

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  • Siargao 2017 Sibling Goals

    Siargao D.I.Y. Trip 2017.

    #Siargao #Island #Summergetaway

  • Our Favorite Island Siargao Philippines

    Taste of Philippines 2016! Part 3: Siargao Island

    Our favorite island in the Philippines - Siargao. Cloud 9 surfing spot, Magpupungko tidal pools, Dako, Guyam and Naked islands. A few clips from Oslob, Cebu also - whale sharks and the Kawasan falls.

    Featuring Merli Aron www.instagram.com/merlia
    directed by Priidu Null www.instagram.com/priidunull

    Siargao Island is episod 3 from our 2016 journey in the Philippines.

    We stayed in very cozy and friendly place with the best restaurant on the island of Siargao - Kermit Surf Resort. Best pizza and pasta I have had, lot of fun surfing, pa ...