Horse Foot Rock Formation Siargao

Socorro, Surigao del Norte

Horse Foot Rock Formation is located in Socorro, Surigao del Norte. It is made of stalactites and it barely touches the water. This serves as a landmark into the Sohoton Cove.

Horse Foot Rock Formation Siargao News

  • Sohoton Cove And Non-sting Jellyfish At Bucas Grande Island

    Sohoton Cove And Non-sting Jellyfish At Bucas Grande Island

    Clear and crystal sea, interesting caves, swimming with jellyfish, beautiful islands, caring people, lots of adventure and much more are what Bucas Grande Surigao Del Norte can offer that is why we took the chance to visit this place when we had our long weekend last week.

    Saturday night around 8:30 pm, we rode a bus from Davao City Ecoland Bus Terminal bound to Pasay Cubao. It was a long 8 hours night trip and we arrived in Surigao Bus Terminal at 5;30 am, after our quick breakfast we rode a van going to Hayanggabon Port for almost 2 hours. When we reached the port we looked for a boat tha ...

  • Bucas Grande Sohoton Island

    Sohoton Cove can only be accessible during low tide. The narrow opening will lead you to a paradise filled with trees along its cliffs and house different species of birds, underwater species, turquoise waters and caverns. The water is quite high so we have to bend down to avoid the rock ceiling from hitting your head. As soon as we got to the cove, our guide showed us the only landmark in the cove to help them navigate. They call it Horeshoe, an oversized stalactite that resembles a foot of a horse.

  • When In Siargao Island Hopping At Bucas Grande

    When In Siargao Island Hopping At Bucas Grande

    Of all the places we've been in Siargao, this is definitely the best part of my trip. There were so many activites to do and so many places to visit here in these wonderful group of islands. If Philippines could be comprised in one place, it would be Bucas Grande Islands or otherwise known as Socorro which is a lone island municipality in Surigao del Norte.

    To be honest, our tour to this gorgeous island wasn't included in the itinerary because this would consume one whole day. I was kind of hesitant then to go here because I prioritized the three adjacent islands in General Luna namely N ...

  • The Alluring Bucas Grande Island

    The Alluring Bucas Grande Island

    At first, I thought Sohoton Cove is synonymous to Bucas Grande. But, I was wrong. Sohoton Cove is part of Bucas Grande Island in the province of Surigao del Norte.

    It was the last leg of our Surigao adventure, and as the old song goes, we saved the best for last.

    How to go there:

    Via Siargao
    Cebu Pacific flies from Manila to Siargao via Cebu daily, except Thrusdays (as of writing). By October 18, 2013, Skyjet Airlines will start flying direct from Manila to Siargao using its BAE-146 aircraft, the British Aerospace-manufactured four-engine aircraft of choice of the British Royal Famil ...

  • Enchanting Bucas Grande Island

    Enchanting Bucas Grande Island

    It has been a very long time since adri and i had been on a (mostly) non-birding trip and i was so excited to be exploring the beaches of surigao. the plan was to go to popular siargao island via cebu and use the island as jump off to the lesser known bucas grande island.

    our flight to cebu was very early (i.e. cheaper), so we had a long wait at the mactan airport for our flight to siargao island after lunch. when we finally got to check in at noon, and as we were enjoying our zubuchon lunch, we heard the bad news over the sound system: our flight had been cancelled! we stared at each othe ...

  • Bucas Grande Islands Secrets Of Sohoton National Park

    Bucas Grande Islands Secrets Of Sohoton National Park

    South of the surfing Mecca of Siargao, at the Bucas Grande Islands, is a national park that's slowly making a name in the tourist circuit for its unique seascapes. Not to be confused with the natural bridge and cave system in Samar of the same name, Sohoton National Park of Surigao del Norte consists of several emerald lagoons surrounded by broccoli-like karst islands. They're similar to the ones in Hundred Islands National Park in Pangasinan but more densely covered in foliage.

    As our knowledgeable tour guide pointed out, some of them are covered in magcono (ironwood), which yields one of ...