Giwan Surfing Break

Dapa, Surigao del Norte

Giwan Surfing Break is located at the south shore of Siargao Island in the municipality of Dapa, Surigao del Norte. Giwan is a half-beach, half-reef break and a go-to when nothing is going on at Cloud 9.

Giwan Surfing Break News

  • This Incredible Island Is No Secret In The Philippines

    The not so secret island in the Philippines... Siargao is becoming a very popular tourist destination. This incredible island can be found floating off the north eastern coast of Mindanao and it is really a must visit.

    With soo many waves to surf, white sandy coast-lines, incredible amounts of coconut trees, lots of good vibes, and even different islands you can explore... Makes sense why everyone wants to visit this paradise! This place isn't a secret anymore, and it is easy to see why that is!

    Have you been to Siargao!? It is a mix of Foreigner, Filipino, and Fun!

    Kindly remember i ...

  • Secret Beach On Siargao Island - Philippines

    Secret Beach On Siargao Island - Philippines

    Secret Beach Siargao, also known as Guiwan Beach, is one of my favourite beaches on Siargao island. A short 15-minute drive south of the more popular Siargao tourist spot, General Luna, is this tucked away slice of paradise waiting to be discovered!

  • Anniversary In Siargao Sugba Lagoon Surfing At Giwan

    Anniversary In Siargao Sugba Lagoon Surfing At Giwan

    Alright, on to day 3 of our Siargao trip!!

    We asked Lina of Very Good Nice surf shop to help us organize a trip to Sugba Lagoon. We wanted to get a private van because the dock was about 30-40 minutes away from our hotel and we didn't want to ride a habal-habal going there. Although it's definitely an option and a cheaper one at that! Rental of the van for the whole day was P3,000.

    I told Lina I wish I had brought my GoPro with me because I don't have any photos of us surfing and she recommended a photographer to join our trip!

    His name is Wilmar and he asked for permission to bring a ...

  • On Cloud 9 To Jacking Horse And G1

    On Cloud 9 To Jacking Horse And G1

    We finally got to visit the infamous spot named after a chocolate bar, Cloud 9. Why did we not come here sooner!? I daresay one must wear any type of footwear especially when going there at 12 in the afternoon. The floorboards get insanely hot and it felt like my soles were being barbecued to the core. This is the spot where the annual surfing cup is held. The view is breathtaking here from the seeping cloudy skies up to the enormous barrel waves trying to kiss the shore…..and no we won't be surfing this area yet…for now.

    We're off to another new spot called Jacking Horse which is just ...

  • Surfing Siargao Ocean Ecstasy In The Philippines

    Surfing Siargao Ocean Ecstasy In The Philippines

    Siargao Island, Philippines

    I'm paddling away from a four foot wall of crystal blue water, rising up from the ocean and bearing down on my position. I feel a push as it catches my board, faster & faster.

    In one quick motion I hop up in a crouch, knees bent, feet wide, arms out, pointing right as the peak of the wave begins to crash & churn on my left.

    Dragging my right hand through the water as I race down its face to freedom.

    If I had to describe surfing to someone, it would include the word ecstasy.

    Surfing In The Philippines

    Welcome to Siargao, a tropical island paradise k ...

  • 3 Days In Siargao Philippines

    3 Days In Siargao Philippines

    I was born and raised in Tandag, Surigao del Sur, just a few hours south of the island of Siargao, best known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines.

    And yet, it wasn't until early this year that I got to visit this world-renowned surfing destination. Ironic, isn't it, but there ya go.

    One factor is definitely because of its proximity. I always thought it was so near I can always visit it anytime. It's why I'd been to Europe already but never been to the other provinces near my hometown.

    Another reason was because Siargao is well-known as a surfer's destination. Unfortunately, I'm ...