GL Marine Sanctuary

General Luna, Surigao del Norte

General Luna Marine Sanctuary is 200-hectare marine sanctuary located adjacent to the three islands of Guyam, Daku and Naked Island.

Aside from putting buoys for the buffer areas, Rusillon said they will submerge artificial reefs and will put up a floating tourist lounge that would also serve as a guardhouse.

Guyam Island is a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine ...

Sea situated 780 kilometres southeast of Manila in the province of Surigao del Norte. It is around 2 kilometers south-southeast of General Luna municipality.

General Luna Marine Sanctuary News

  • Secret Sanctuary In Siargao

    Secret Sanctuary In Siargao

    Is there a cure for a weekend hangover from the laid back vibes of Siargao? There are various of activities to try while you are in Siargao. Most people love to surf in the morning, explore the jungle, roam around with your motor bike, party in the evening and it doesn't matter whether I do it repeatedly believe me. I guess that's the best feeling when you are in vacation, signed off to all socia medias and go out there try all the things you love to do. Among all these things, island hopping is still one of the best activities to seized the beauty of Siargao.

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  • 15 Days In Paradise Island Hopping Tour Naked Daku Guyam Episode 4

    This video is a whole day trip from General Luna in Siargao Island.

    You will discover three amazing islands surrounded by the most amazing clear, blue water I have ever seen!

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    Islans you will visit:
    Naked Island
    Daku Island
    Guyam Island.

    You can buy some fish at the local market to cook on Daku Island and enjoy the day.

    For more infos please write a comment and I will answer as soon as possible.

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    We welcome you to Siargao. Traveled great distance for this peaceful island. Home to great swells and waves. A perfect combination of adventure and chill. When you get here, there's no turning back!

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    I am a horrible surfer, but a young up and coming pro Marama took me out and helped me catch a wave!

    Also in this video you will see me heading out for a little island hopping fun and a little bit of "raw squid eating".

    Beautiful Siargao!

    One day at a time, One wave and island at a time... #BecomingFilipino

    Super Apir!

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    Siargao For Non Surfers Travel Guide Itinerary Tips

    Siargao group of islands in Surigao del Norte, Mindanao is considered as the best surfing destination in the Philippines.

    According to locals, waves can go as high as coconut trees during typhoon season. No wonder why it is a destination that is sought after by surfing enthusiasts, both foreigners and locals. But Siargao is not limited to surfing alone. For less adventurous and sporty people like me, the group of islands has a lot more to offer other than riding the waves. Here is a detailed itinerary and guide for first-timers (like us!).

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