GL Cemetery Surf Break

General Luna, Surigao del Norte

General Luna Cemetery Siargao Surf Break is located in the Municipality of General Luna, Surigao del Norte. It is a fun left and right hander suitable for all surfers. The area is an outer reef about 15 minutes paddle off shore across the lagoon.

General Luna Cemetery Siargao Surf Break News

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    The Philippines is home to almost 7,500 beautiful islands, blessing locals and foreigners alike with numerous beach getaways and adventures to choose from. And with that comes the equally exciting fact that a lot of these places offer spectacular waves perfect for every surfing enthusiast. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or pro, the Philippines boasts a long list of surfing destinations for you from Luzon to Mindanao.

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  • The Seize Of Siargao

    The Seize Of Siargao

    Just when we were about to land, the plane turns then my husband goes

    And on the same day he says "let's book tickets every time there are promo fares".


    It is impossible not to love Siargao.

    Some say this island has a magnet. I agree.

    So what's in this beautiful island? As much as I want people to discover for themselves, I just can't zip it. This is how stoked this place is.


    Situated in the province of Surigao del Norte is the enchanting Siargao, a tear- drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea with approximately 437 square kilometers land area. Siarga ...

  • Surfing Siargao

    Surfing Siargao

    Pronounces "shar-gow," this island and the people who live there blew me away. I loved it. Here's where we stayed, what we did, and how we got there:


    We flew (non-stop!) to Cebu from LAX on Philippine Airways, and then took a smaller plane with Cebu Pacific to Siargao (took about an hour). Something you should know if you are doing this flight is that both airlines were really strict about weight limits on luggage. There is no free checked baggage through Cebu Pacific, which is the only airline that flies to the island, and only 2 flights a day which are cancelled or re ...

  • Surfing Siargao Ocean Ecstasy In The Philippines

    Surfing Siargao Ocean Ecstasy In The Philippines

    Siargao Island, Philippines

    I'm paddling away from a four foot wall of crystal blue water, rising up from the ocean and bearing down on my position. I feel a push as it catches my board, faster & faster.

    In one quick motion I hop up in a crouch, knees bent, feet wide, arms out, pointing right as the peak of the wave begins to crash & churn on my left.

    Dragging my right hand through the water as I race down its face to freedom.

    If I had to describe surfing to someone, it would include the word ecstasy.

    Surfing In The Philippines

    Welcome to Siargao, a tropical island paradise k ...

  • Siargao Island Surigao Del Norte

    Siargao Island Surigao Del Norte

    The surfing mecca of the Philippines, where and even pro surfers from all over the world visit this tear-drop shaped island. Siargao Island is greatly influenced by the winds and currents coming uninterrupted from the Pacific Ocean, intensified by the Mindanao current running westward through the Siargao Strait. This is why the island has countless surfing spots and always has perfect surfing conditions especially during the season August to November or southwest monsoon.

    But its not just about the surfing. Siargao islands has a lot to offer even for those who don't surf!

    Before, going t ...

  • Siargao Island - a Complete Guide To The Philippines Surfing Paradise

    Siargao Island - a Complete Guide To The Philippines Surfing Paradise

    Siargao Island in the Philippines has instantly become one of my favourite travel and surf destinations. The perfect mix of warm water, island time, tranquility, aloha vibes and, of course, epic surf breaks.

    This tiny island in the East of the Philippines is often described as Bali 30 years ago.

    For me, as a surfer, it was a highly anticipated stop during my travels in South East Asia and I'm super stoked to say it didn't disappoint, in fact, it was even more incredible than I imagined.

    For those who want to learn to surf or simply enjoy a beautiful island in this part of the world I ...