Del Carmen Mangroves

Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte

The Del Carmen Mangrove Eco Tour will give tourists a different nature adventure experience as one enjoys the lush green sceneries of the 4,189 hectares of mangroves adjoining Del Carmen Port and Sugba Lagoon. This vast area of mangroves offers a wide variety of different species.

The river cruise is a perfect relaxing experience and adventure. The captivating Liaonan Cave and the ...

Tona Island are added attractions in the cruise. Tourist will also have the opportunity to observe the people's culture as they interact with the local community. They can also enjoy sumptuous meal of seafoods and more.

Del Carmen Mangroves News

  • Del Carmen Mangrove Reserve

    Del Carmen Mangrove Reserve

    Take a tour of this fascinating wildlife reserve by traditional banca boat, kayak, or stand up paddleboard. Measuring in at 8,620 hectares, this vast tract of mangrove forest is recognized by the Department of Natural Resources to be the largest contiguous mangrove forest in the Philippines.

    27 out of the 70 mangrove species in the world are represented. Many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna in both marine, wetland and terrestrial areas have found sanctuary here.

    This unique area is also home to the saltwater crocodile (crocodylus porosus), the largest land and river-dwelli ...

  • Mangroves And Crocodiles Siargao Part 3 BecomingFilipino Your Travel Blog

    Over 4000+ hectares of Mangroves...

    This is "Part 3" of our #BecomingFilipino: Your Travel Blog Siargao Episode...

    Here I will take you to the incredible mangroves of Del Carmen which are home to crocodiles, as well to hidden lagoons and to learn a little bit about crab trapping.

    Super Apir!

  • Mangrove Program Nurtures Siargaos Ecosystems

    Mangrove Program Nurtures Siargaos Ecosystems

    Things are certainly looking up in the rustic southern town of Del Carmen in Surigao del Norte which has been experiencing a dramatic turnaround in negative environmental practices.

    Thanks to the growing ecological awareness brought about by Shore It Up, a comprehensive marine ecosystem and coastal resource program of the Metro Pacific Investment Corp. (MPIC) which commenced in 2013.

    The program's centerpiece is the Mangrove Protection and Information Center, a hub for the rehabilitation and nurture of the coastal ecosystem.

    Located in Siargao Island, the coastal town is home to a 4,0 ...

  • Siargao On Two Wheels

    Siargao On Two Wheels

    Why not do a Jay Taruc, mount a motorcycle, take Instagram-worthy snapshots of sights along the road, and do a diary of the odyssey on your social media account?

    Down south in the Pacific seaboard is the famed Siargao Island, named by the prestigious CNN Go travel website as the world's eighth best surfing site.

    Not only is it the country's surfing mecca, it is also a haven for some gorgeous motorcycling with its scenic views and well-paved roads recently completed.

    In the past, there were jokes about how motorists also rode the waves as they negotiate the bumpy and muddy potholed cir ...

  • DENR Caraga Siargao Island Protected Landscape and Seascape

    DENR Caraga Siargao Island Protected Landscape and Seascape.

  • Bringing Back The Sparkle To Siargaos Shores

    Bringing Back The Sparkle To Siargaos Shores

    Mang Jun gingerly picks up a giant mud crab as it races across the sand in Del Carmen, Siargao and hands it over to a buyer, who looks at the huge crab and signals he will buy everything. Mang Jun smiles as the buyer hands over the money. Business has been good ??" and it's all legal.

    For the longest time, Mang Jun earned his keep through cyanide fishing, an illegal activity that was not only dangerous, but also paid little. He was finally able to abandon it with the help of the Kaanib ng mga Mangingisda at Magsasaka ng Numancia Agri-Aqua (KaMAMANA), a people's organization dedicated to fi ...