Cloud 9 Surfing

General Luna, Surigao del Norte

One of the best known surfing waves on Siargao and the Philippines, with a worldwide reputation for thick, hollow tubes is "Cloud 9". This right-breaking reef wave is the site of the annual Siargao Cup, a domestic and international surfing competition sponsored by the provincial government of Surigao del Norte.

The wave was discovered by travelling surfers in the late 1980s. It was ...

named after a chocolate bar of same name, and was featured by American photographer John S. Callahan in the United States-based Surfer magazine in March 1993. Cloud 9 also has a reputation for being a relatively cheap destination for surfers with many cheap accommodations and restaurants and bars to choose from.

Siargao is a tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea situated 800 kilometers southeast of Manila in the province of Surigao del Norte. It has a land area of approximately 437 square kilometers. The east coast is relatively straight with one deep inlet, Port Pilar. The coastline is marked by a succession of reefs, small points and white, sandy beaches. The neighboring islands and islets have similar landforms.

Siargao Island contains the largest mangrove forest reserves in Mindanao, at Del Carmen. Long stretches of wetlands indicate a potential for commercial seaweed propagation. Siargao Island is greatly influenced by the winds and currents coming uninterrupted from the Pacific Ocean, intensified by the Mindanao current running westward through the Siargao Strait.  Wiki

Cloud 9 Surfing Siargao News

  • Siargao Island The Fickle Feet

    Recently, I visited Siargao Island with my boyfriend and we intended to stay longer so we opted for a 9 days trip.

  • The Boardwalk Cloud 9

    The Boardwalk Cloud 9

    The Boardwalk in Cloud 9, being a haven for surfers, local and foreigners alike, is one of the most famous spots in Siargao. While there are other surf spots on the island, Cloud 9 has received most of the publicity because it?s the most accessible. It is located just within General Luna and is very close to hotels, restaurants, and bars.

  • Nine Waves To Die For On Siargao Island Philippines

    Nine Waves To Die For On Siargao Island Philippines

    Would you like to read a unique guide to unmissable nine waves you really need to surf on Siargao Island? Do you love huge, slabby barrels or waves with length of ride? Are you looking for beginner, improver or expert surfing spots? How about discovering a secret spot or two? Look no further than this insiders guide to the best the island can offer you in terms of surfing. Although there are myriad surf spots on Siargao, I think there are nine waves to die for: unmissable breaks that you really should surf before you die.

  • The Beautiful Island Of Siargao

    We headed to the beautiful island of Siargao.

    Siargao Travel Video 2017

    -Naked Island
    -Guyam Island
    -Daku Island
    -Mapupungko Rock Pool
    -Cloud 9
    -Sohoton Cove
    -Bucas Grande
    -Sugba Lagoon
    -Jelly Fish Sanctuary

  • Siargao Adventure With Davidoff Philippines

    Visited Siargao, the surfing capital of the Philippines, to launch the newest fragrance, the Davidoff Coolwater Wave EDT. I got to surf for the second time, and explored Magpupungko Natural Pools and Sugba Lagoon.

  • The Millennial Mermaid Making Waves In Phl Surfing History

    The Millennial Mermaid Making Waves In Phl Surfing History

    History has been made in Philippine surfing as the first ever Philippine Surfing Championship Tour (PSCT) completed one of the four legs in its maiden tour. The 19th Siargao National Surfing Cup, which ran from September 15 to 21, showed the hungry enthusiasm from the 186 surfers from different parts of the country.

    You could say that almost everybody was at Siargao for this historic tour. Familiar faces that you would usually see at their home breaks, you would see walking on the iconic boardwalk of Cloud 9.

    Once the registration opened, the Cloud 9 Tower 1 was packed with tanned and su ...