Burgos Beach

Burgos, Surigao del Norte

Burgos Beach Surfing is located on the north east end of Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte.

Burgos beach is one of the more popular surf areas of Siargao Island but not as crawded as other places like Cloud 9.

Burgos Beach Surfing Siargao News

  • Nine Waves To Die For On Siargao Island Philippines

    Nine Waves To Die For On Siargao Island Philippines

    Would you like to read a unique guide to unmissable nine waves you really need to surf on Siargao Island? Do you love huge, slabby barrels or waves with length of ride? Are you looking for beginner, improver or expert surfing spots? How about discovering a secret spot or two? Look no further than this insiders guide to the best the island can offer you in terms of surfing. Although there are myriad surf spots on Siargao, I think there are nine waves to die for: unmissable breaks that you really should surf before you die.

  • Surfing In Siargao Philippines Overnight Guide

    Siargao Island, Philippines, has been hailed one of the best surfing spots in the world. Let Erwan Heussaff's Overnight series introduce you to the unique surfing culture of this laidback town! Book up to 2x daily flights from Cebu now: http://bit.ly/yttoceb

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  • DENR Caraga Siargao Island Protected Landscape and Seascape

    DENR Caraga Siargao Island Protected Landscape and Seascape.

  • Siargao Of Road Trips And Beaches

    Siargao Of Road Trips And Beaches

    I fell in love with the island the first time I laid my eyes on it. That repose and calm serenity you always feel every time you visit your happy place has always been my reason why I'd love to come here often. Good thing this is my hubby's hometown so I have more reasons to visit.haha

    During my recent visit to Siargao, we embarked on a road trip around the island. Many may have known of the tunneling waves of General Luna, the natural pool in Pila rand the three little islands across the Boulevard yet only a few knewthat aside from these favorite spots, Siargao has unadulterated places tha ...

  • 3 Days In Siargao Philippines

    3 Days In Siargao Philippines

    I was born and raised in Tandag, Surigao del Sur, just a few hours south of the island of Siargao, best known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines.

    And yet, it wasn't until early this year that I got to visit this world-renowned surfing destination. Ironic, isn't it, but there ya go.

    One factor is definitely because of its proximity. I always thought it was so near I can always visit it anytime. It's why I'd been to Europe already but never been to the other provinces near my hometown.

    Another reason was because Siargao is well-known as a surfer's destination. Unfortunately, I'm ...

  • Some Other Things That You Should Try In Siargao

    Some Other Things That You Should Try In Siargao

    Let's say you've already surfed at Cloud 9 and got that nice, clean wave you've been praying for. You have also dipped yourself in Magpupungko's natural infinity pool and has gone out on an island hopping tour in Guyam, Daku and Naked Islands. What more can you do in Siargao? We'll there's still a lot this little piece of heaven has to offer. And I'm naming them one by one.

    1. Talk a short walk at the Boulevard, General Luna.

    It maybe a public place being the center of activities in the town, the Boulevard in General Luna would surprise you with its calm, laid back environment. On low ti ...