Buenavista Cave

Surigao City, Surigao del Norte

Buenavista Cave is located on Hikdop Island, in Brgy. Buenavista, Surigao City, Surigao del Norte. It has three entrances which all lead to a cavern approximately 3 km. away. Unique stone formations inside the cave create an illusionary vision of a majestic "King´s Court" complete with other chambers.

Buenavista Cave News

  • Surigao Del Norte Travel Guide: Where To Go And What To Do

    Surigao Del Norte Travel Guide: Where To Go And What To Do

    Few days before my trip to this province, I was looking for something to read about Surigao del Norte tourist spots and a dedicated Surigao del Norte travel blog but I found so little. Now that I am back in Manila it is time to give back by sharing to you my suggestions on what to see and where to go in Surigao del Norte. Not to be confused by the famous Siargao island (also part of this province by jurisdiction), Surigao del Norte deserves a recognition of its own.

  • Suroy Sa Surigao Day 2

    Suroy Sa Surigao Day 2

    In Day 2 of my Surigao escapade, I visited some of the islands under Surigao City. The first one was Hikdop Island which had two popular tourist destinations. The first one is the Buenavista Cave and the second one is the Pagkawasan Beach. After our adventures at Hikdop Island, our Suroy sa Surigao tour took us to Basul Island before going back to the mainland.

    Suroy sa Surigao Day 2

    I was really excited for Day 2 of the Suroy sa Surigao because it involved island-hopping which is my favorite things to do every summer. I woke up early and had an early breakfast at Le Chard Place Bed and ...

  • Surigao A City Of Islands Adventure And Everything in Between

    Surigao A City Of Islands Adventure And Everything in Between

    Mention "island" to travelers' and their eyes light up with the exotic back-to-basics experience island sojourns offer. Pair it with "adventure" and you have a powerhouse combination of a destination every nature lover yearns for.

    Such is Surigao, an archipelagic city with a blend of sun, sea, sand, seafood and a dash of urban lifestyle in the countryside.

    Tagged "The City of Island Adventures", it has 17 islands and islets and 21 villages, scattered in the northeastern coast of Mindanao. For beach bums, this is an infinity of sleepy shores, multiplied 20 times with coves and crystal cle ...

  • Spelunking In Surigao

    Spelunking In Surigao

    When we speak about Surigao City, we think it as Siargao. The waves comes into picture with picture perfect beach. Siargao Island has been famous to surfers here and abroad because of its undeniable big and beautiful waves best for surfing. But you Surigao is not only about surfing in Siargao but of so many things as well.

    Caves. Though many visits Surigao because of the beach but this days, caving is gaining popularity too. The local tourism office offers guided tour packages that includes caving around the city.


    1. Wear comfortable clothes like cotton/dri-fit shirt, t ...

  • Surigao is in my heart

    Wherever our destiny has brought us, our hometown will always remain in our heart and yearns to come back.

    My hometown is Surigao City, in the Province of Surigao del Norte, Caraga, Philippines. It is the center before of the three provinces (Surigao del Norte, Surigao del Sur and Dinagat Island) until it was geopolitically subdivided as years go by. The place is located at the northernmost tip of Mindanao. The people there are free-spirited and fun-loving that speaks a dialect distinct from other "Bisaya" called Surigaonon.

    But for me, I remember it as a place with so many beaches li ...

  • Surigao City To Host Caraga Regional Caving Summit

    Surigao City To Host Caraga Regional Caving Summit

    Surigao City, dubbed the "City of Island Adventures", will host the 4th Caraga Regional Caving Summit at Silop Cave on March 28-30.

    A joint undertaking of the Department of Environment and Natural Reources, the Department of Tourism and the provincial government of Surigao del Norte, the three-day event will gather delegates from Caraga region which is noted for its cave systems because of its mountainous terrain.

    The region is composed of the provinces of Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Surigao del Norte, Surigao del Sur and Dinagat Islands, and the highly-urbanized city of Butuan.