Anahawan Island

General Luna, Surigao del Norte

Anahawan Island is situated near La Janosa and Mamon Islands just south of General Luna, Siargao Island, in Surigao del Norte. Anahawan Island is a great spot for island hopping for a picnic.

In between Mamon Island and La Janosa Island you will find an ideal place for snorkeling. The corals are simply breath-taking. From General Luna, you'll need an hour to reach this spot by pump ...

boat so plan ahead.

Anahawan Island News

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  • The Seize Of Siargao

    The Seize Of Siargao

    Just when we were about to land, the plane turns then my husband goes

    And on the same day he says "let's book tickets every time there are promo fares".


    It is impossible not to love Siargao.

    Some say this island has a magnet. I agree.

    So what's in this beautiful island? As much as I want people to discover for themselves, I just can't zip it. This is how stoked this place is.


    Situated in the province of Surigao del Norte is the enchanting Siargao, a tear- drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea with approximately 437 square kilometers land area. Siarga ...

  • Trip to Anahawan Island Siargao

    Trip to Anahawan Island Siargao

    Trip to Anahawan Island Siargao

    We planned our trip to Anahawan 1 days ago for we are waiting for someone from Cebu to join us. On The day December 30, 2015 we decided to finally start our engine speed boat from General Luna.

    It was a fine day going there but crossing the pacific ocean is never been a joke for us. With our speed boat it would be bit hard because compare to a banka with katig or outrigger / support on both sides ours was just a speed boat so with a wavy movement of the sea from the pacific would be a fight.

    Beach Siargao Island

    Finally we arrived with the best view ...

  • How To Get To Socorro

    How To Get To Socorro

    When you find yourself along the beach line of red sand, and the red to brown mountain tops that dots the landscape before it kisses the sky - you're finally at the part of Surigao province where mining is second nature to breathing for the locals. But it is also where the jump off to the only place in Surigao province that mining is not allowed. Here is a detailed guide on how to get to Socorro, Surigao Del Norte, and to experience Bucas Grande, and more of what this island has to offer. You can find the details fitting if you're entry point is either from these cities: Iligan, Cagayan de Oro ...

  • Siargao Cloud 9 A Surfer Utopia

    Siargao Cloud 9 A Surfer Utopia

    Surfing is one water sport that's very hard to master because it requires some basic knowledge in swimming, balancing and waves spotting that will drain your endurance of countless of times you tried to stand in the board. Most importantly you can only do all that in some rare beaches in the world that caters your need for tsunami-like waves and this is where this tear-shaped island directly facing the Southern Pacific comes into play. Siargao stands out the most in the whole country and also the world because of it's reputation of the infamous thick, hollow tubes waves known as "Cloud 9" it i ...

  • Surfing Monsoon Rainy Season

    Surfing Monsoon Rainy Season

    Surf Season in Anajawan picks up in the beginning of October and by the time December and January rolls in, we start to see barrels with exciting swell heights (3-5 ft. on average).

    Surf spots are located within the waters surrounding Anajawan and its three neighbour islands (10-25 minutes away via boat). Apart from the three just off of Anajawan's west and east coats (accessible via paddle/walk), here are a few more breaks:

    La Januza Island- kilometers of multiple peaks breaking left and right (similar to the surf breaks of Cemetery/Pesengan off of Siargao's coast).

    Mamon Island- ri ...