Celebes Sea


The Celebes Sea, also called Laut Sulawesi, of the western Pacific Ocean is bordered on the north by the Sulu Archipelago and Sulu Sea and Mindanao Island of the Philippines. The Celeb Sea is an important part of the Coral Triangle and the Sulu Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion project.

The Celebes Sea is home to a wide variety of fish and aquatic creatures. The tropical setting and warm c ...

lear waters permit it to harbor about 580 of the world's 793 species of reef-building corals, which grow as some of the most bio-diverse coral reefs in the world, and an impressive array of marine life, including whales and dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, eagle rays, barracuda, marlin and other reef and pelagic species.

Celebes Sea News

  • Living Treasures Of The Celebes Sea

    Living Treasures of the Celebes Sea in Sulu.

  • Fishing In Wild Country

    Fishing In Wild Country

    Bluefin trevally is a type of sportfish commonly sought by local anglers who are willing to travel some distance for the thrill and excitement of pulling it up.

    This species used to be found in abundance in the Straits of Malacca, particularly around rocky Pulau Sembilan, Pulau Perak and the East Coast, especially among shallow reefs.

    Unfortunately, bluefin trevally can rarely be found in our waters. Even if it is caught on the rod and line today, the size is much smaller, mostly less than 1kg, a far cry from those caught a decade ago.

    Its population has dwindled, caused by heavy fish ...

  • Turtles And Other Creatures In The Celebes Sea

    As Morcheba states: Wonder never cease... particularly underwater!

    In the video: Green turtles, Crocodile Fish, Blue-ringed octopus, frog fish, the always popular Nudibranch, pipe fish and what I believe is a mini-scorpion fish... Thanks a lot to the Australian couple who provided me with the clip after scaring the turtles. No hard feelings guys!

  • Where Its Easy To Land Monsters

    Where Its Easy To Land Monsters

    Tucked somewhere in the Celebes Sea, Sambit island, off the East Kalimantan coast, is perhaps one of the last untouched fishing frontiers for game fishing in this part of the world.

    Its geographical location, surrounded by the Tawi-Tawi archipelago in the north and many islands off Sulawesi to the east and south side (an area more than half the size of Borneo), has protected it from being encroached on by greedy commercial fishermen.

    The thick and rich coral formation surrounding the Celebes Sea makes it difficult for big boats to manoeuvre in and out of the area. Some parts of the sea a ...

  • Beauty And Fear In The Forbidden Islands

    Beauty And Fear In The Forbidden Islands

    The tide is low, and a handful of Tausug villagers, who live in stilt houses near the shore, paddle into the shallows in their small handcarved boats to collect seaweeds from the filaments mounted on wooden poles. The silence is broken only by the occasional squawks of the egrets and the swish of the farmers in the placid waters of Celebes Sea. Beaming from ear to ear, Joyce claps her hands in excitement. "Everyone warned me about this place. I never imagined I'd be here," she says. Had we backed out upon hearing about the recent bomb explosions, kidnappings, and beheadings in the infamous pro ...

  • Natl Govt To Push Operations Vs Illegal Unreported Unregulated Fishing

    Natl Govt To Push Operations Vs Illegal Unreported Unregulated Fishing

    The national government will prioritize the country's major fishing grounds, including tuna-rich waters, for its enhanced enforcement operations against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing activities.

    Asis Perez, Department of Agriculture undersecretary for fisheries, said they are currently working on the deployment of fishery enforcers in key fishing areas to facilitate the rollout of fresh regulations that were set in Republic Act (RA) 10654.

    RA 10654, or the "Act to Prevent, Deter and Eliminate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing," amended RA 8550 or the Philipp ...