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  • Tacurong Bird Festival A Celebration Of Wildlife Conservation

    Tacurong Bird Festival A Celebration Of Wildlife Conservation

    One of SOX's premier tourist destinations is the center of the 3rd Tacurong Bird Festival, the first and the only bird festival in South Central Mindanao. This is the Baras Bird Sanctuary, home to tens of thousands of cageless wonders of SocCSkSarGen Region.

    Baras Bird Sanctuary in the City of Tacurong covers about two hectares of land that is home to more than 20,000 beautiful birds of different types. The area is situated beside a river and very close to swamplands, wetlands, and marshes. In 2002, Baras was declared a bird sanctuary by the city government.

    Developed as eco-tourism site ...

  • Animal Bureau Declares Bird Sanctuary Avian Influenza Virus Free

    Animal Bureau Declares Bird Sanctuary Avian Influenza Virus Free

    The Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) confirms that Tacurong Baras Bird Sanctuary is negative from Avian Influenza Virus, following the conduct of Avian Influenza Surveillance conducted in the bird sanctuary last June 10, 2013.

    The BAI-Philippine Animal Health Center Laboratory conducted a serological test using 36 bird serum samples collected by the City Veterinary Office during the abovementioned date.

    The Baras Bird Sanctuary is home to more than 20,000 black night herons and cattle egrets. The sanctuary is now becoming a popular bird watching destination in Region XII.

    "What sets ap ...

  • Sultan Kudarat Mindanaos Treasure Trove

    Sultan Kudarat Mindanaos Treasure Trove

    The province is named after a great Muslim ruler, the late Sultan Mohammad Dipatuan Kudarat of the Sultanate of Maguindanao. During his rule, from 1625 to 1671, he successfully opposed the Spanish occupation of his homeland and bravely resisted the Christianization of the island of Mindanao. He defended the Islamic faith and united the Moro clans of Mindanao.

    This virtuous leader believed in the principles of freedom and unity among the various people that were scattered throughout his Sultanate. The unity and peace that this courageous sovereign has strived and fought for is still presen ...

  • Tacurongs Talakudong

    Manila, Philippines picture paints a thousand words, then why can't it paint a thousand birds and a thousand smiles as well?

    Tacurong City, home to the Baras Bird Sanctuary and the colorful Talakudong Festival, was the fitting subject of the Igpat Sang Kamera photo competition for the city's growing community of photographers as part of the city's recent 11th city founding anniversary.

    Regarded as the commercial center of Sultan Kudarat Province, Tacurong is a best-kept tourism secret in Mindanao which is a virtual paradise for shutterbugs, nature lovers and culture vultures.

    Baras Bi ...

  • Man Sacrifices His Plantation To Give Birds A Home

    Man Sacrifices His Plantation To Give Birds A Home

    To rake in the millions, or to give thousands of birds a home? The answer was simple for this Mindanaoan.

    What was once a black-pepper plantation is now a bustling sanctuary for 20,000+ endemic & migratory birds in Baras, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat province, where kids & kids at heart commune with nature and learn about the value of saving the environment.

    It is the only such city park in the country...with no small thanks to a certain Rey Malana.

    One day, Mr. Maglana, a lover of our furry and feathery friends, saw 4 wild egrets roosting on one of the trees in his black pepper farm ...

  • Baras Bird Sanctuary Herons And Villains In Sultan Kudarat Philippines

    The birds have made his farm their permanent address.

    It was an avian explosion. Rey Malana, a former seaman, owned a 1.3 hectare patch of riverside peppercorn farm in Tacurong City. One morning in 1996, he spotted four egrets perched on a tree inside his property. The birds flew away later that day only to return with a few more winged companions. The cycle repeated every morning over five years, with other species coming in. And right before Malana's eyes, their numbers skyrocketed to 20,000. Before he knew it, his black peppercorn farm could no longer function. The birds had taken over t ...