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  • Balot Island In Sultan Kudarat

    Who would have thought that we have this kind of paradise in the Southwestern part of the country? White sand beach, turquoise colored water, and very rich marine life made this Island a tourist destination in Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat.

  • Falling In Love Again With Kalamansigs Balut Island

    Falling In Love Again With Kalamansigs Balut Island

    I have high standards in choosing a beach destination in summer or any other day of the year but the lack of amenities notwithstanding, I fell in love once more with this island paradise during my second visit just before Christmas day.

    Our group started our journey in Nuro, Upi, Maguindanao. The land trip took us an hour and a half along the long and winding Cotabato to Lebak road. The paved highway has opened more economic activities in the area and expedited the movement of agricultural products unlike in the past when one had to ride the huge wooden boats or lancha of the Biruar Shippi ...

  • Refreshing Balut Island

    Refreshing Balut Island

    Balut Island is composed of twelve barangays whose residents are mostly Sangils, B'laan and Muslims who are warm and welcoming. Its long stretches of white sand beach, azure clear waters and equally blue sky make it an ideal getaway.

    Island life is simple as it gets. Unspoiled sandy beaches to while away time swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, even playing beach volleyball. Hot springs are also good for relaxing tense muscles. Or go island hopping.

    Balut Islands' points of interest:

    • Olaniban Island has a 3-km beach line and a lighthouse.
    • Sabang Hot Springs' waters temper ...

  • A Balut You Cant Resist Only In Sultan Kudarat

    A Balut You Cant Resist Only In Sultan Kudarat

    You want one more island to explore? Balut Island should be your next stop!

    The Philippine archipelago is composed of 7,107 islands. Each island has its own characteristic and some may share the same name.

    Just like there is Balut Island in Sarangani, Davao Occidental and then there is the lesser-known but nonetheless beautiful, Balut Island in Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat.

    Kalamansig is a first class municipality and got its name from the term "Kulaman-sa-ig" or roughly translated as Manobo of the Water.

    Kalamansigeños call the Sultan Kudarat Island as Donaoang.

    Because of its ...

  • Balut Island And Sarangani Island

    Balut Island And Sarangani Island

    I remember when I was in High School I meet a relative that come from Balut Island and the islands name was been stored in my memory for so long. After Visiting Sarangnai Province 4 times a year, I found out that Sarangni Island is just hours away from my stored vacation plan since my young age.

    So, I search about Balut Island and Sarangani Island, I search on how to get there, What will be my activities when I reached the island, what are the places sarangani can offer and so many things.

    So it's started in the Keyword of Balut island or Sarangani Island. Balut island and sarangani Isla ...

  • Balut Island A Volcanic Eruption Of Beauty

    Balut Island A Volcanic Eruption Of Beauty

    Balut Island is a gift of the underwater volcanoes of the deep blue seas, this and the nearby Islands known as Sarangani Islands, are made up of volcanic eruptions from long ago. Balut Island is also known as Sanguil and is located just 12 kilometers off the coast of Mindanao. Separated by the Strait of Sarangani , the islands of Balut, Sarangani and Olanivan make up the entire region of major sized islands with several islets making this small area a unique adventure.

    The volcano of Balut is situated in the center of the tiny archipelago. Though history shows no noted eruptions that have e ...