Patag Daku Rain Forest

Libagon, Southern Leyte

Patag Daku Rain Forest is located in Libagon, Southern Leyte, particularly in the upper or mountainside of the poblacion in Talisay.

Patag Daku, in English, means "big plain". It is certainly big but is never quite plain. It is actually a valley so dense in vegetation that novice campers and mountaineers will never come in or out without an experienced guide leading the way.

But the trek to the valley comes big in every way. In mountaineering parlance, it is a major climb. Not the leisurely stroll that one might expect, the climb is an arduous six hour journey through a maze of trees, ferns, moss, grass and big trees.

Patag Daku, the mossy forest more than 500 hectares of unexplored, uncharted wilderness, fraught with dangerous tales of huge snakes and wild animals.  Wiki

Patag Daku Rain Forest or Big Plain News

  • Patag Daku Southern Leytes Last Frontier in The Wild

    Patag Daku Southern Leytes Last Frontier in The Wild

    They were a bunch of scrawny young boys, some of them just nearing the age of 18.

    What lay in front of them looked imposing, forbidding, mysterious, and to some extent, inviting.
    The Patag Daku rain forest and mountain range in Libagon, Southern Leyte is home to some of the tallest peaks in the province.

    And because of its inherent inaccessibility, Patag Daku remains one of the least explored, and possibly, least disturbed and least exploited, forest ecosystems in the province today. What started out as casual conversation turned out to be an arduous climb into unfamiliar environmen ...

  • Up on the Roof of Southern Leyte Patag Daku Libagon

    This is probably the only documented climb (on digital video) to Southern Leyte's highest mountain ranges, and the Patag Daku rainforest. Enjoy! Kudos to Ian Degamo and the boys.

    The MAAYO Patag Daku Expedition (TUKAD Maayo Gree Initiatives) 2005 is composed of the following members: Ian Degamo, Expedition Leader, Joseph Anthony Avila, Rafael Mulig, Nuy Gaviola, Anton Ayaay, Toby Aguilar, Boyet Abiera, Jonas Salar, Mac-Mac Olita, Wawu Grafia, Jetro Galdo, Erik Paler, Jose Lubang, Jr. Toto Galdo and Ryan Brios.

  • What To Do In Southern Leyte

    Limasawa Island
    Limasawa is a small island at the tip of the Leyte mainland. A short 45-minute banca ride from the town of Padre Burgos connects this historic island from the rest of Leyte. Historically Limasawa is the sight of the First Catholic Mass in the Philippines in 1521. This is a claim that has been attacked and refuted by other historians. However, the National Historical Institute still stands and acknowledges Limasawa as the sight of this historical First Catholic Mass.

    A hike to the topmost hill of the island offers a stunning view of the sea and of Surigao on the horizon. The ...

  • The Blessed Land of Southern Leyte Province

    The Blessed Land of Southern Leyte Province

    Southern Leyte is a province of the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. Maasin City is the capital of the province. Southern Leyte was once a sub-province of Leyte before it was divided from the latter. Limasawa, an island to the south is part of the province where the first Christian Mass was held and is said to be the birthplace of Christianity in the Philippines.

    The province ranks as the second least populated area in the region. According to the 2007 census, the province has a population of 390,847 a 1.13% growth compared to last 2000 census with a population record of 3 ...