Calag-itan Fish Sanctuary

Hinunangan, Southern Leyte

Calag-itan Fish Sanctuary is located in Ingan, Hinunangan, Southern Leyte and has a size of 15.5 hectares. In 2005 Barangay Calag-itan received the Gawad Galing Pook award for "Other Trailblazing Programs" for their innovative project on marine sanctuary and seaweeds production which provided them with alternative livelihood sources aside from fishing. The community embarked on making other produc ...

ts from seaweeds to increase their income and at the same time, protect their coastal environment. Hinunangan, with its "friendly fish" sanctuary has become a popular travel destination on Southern Leyte.

Calag-itan Fish Sanctuary Seaweed Farm News

  • A Visit To Calag-itan Fish Sanctuary In Hinunangan Southern Leyte

    A Visit To Calag-itan Fish Sanctuary In Hinunangan Southern Leyte

    Getting there:

    The route to the fish sanctuary is a two (2) and a half hour drive from Tacloban City passing through the Abuyog-Silago Highway. You can find southbound PUVs (Public Utility Vehicle) which travel to St. Bernard, Southern Leyte traversing the municipality of Silago. Just thirty (30) minutes away from this town, you'll see a tarpaulin-made signage at the right side which states the road going to the fish sanctuary.

    Eco-Tourism Destination

    After our trekking adventure at Laguma Rock in Silago, Southern Leyte, we went to this local marine sanctuary at Brgy. Calag-itan to lo ...

  • Fish Interaction Barangay Calag-Itan

    Fish Interaction Barangay Calag-Itan

    On Easter Sunday, we had a sunrise service at the Fish Interaction facility (Fish Sanctuary) in barangay Calag-Itan. The service started at 5 in the morning so naturally JJ was asleep during the whole the service. After the service we stayed at the facility and enjoyed the morning. Our group was the first to enjoy the day's activities: watching/feeding the fishes in the sanctuary.

    The facility has a decent road approach. It is an old freighter pier with what is left of an old warehouse. On the pier little thatched nipa huts have been built that can be rented for a 100 to 200 pesos (about $2 ...

  • Southern Leyte Diaries Part 5 Sogod Hinunangan and Silago Escapade

    Southern Leyte Diaries Part 5 Sogod Hinunangan and Silago Escapade

    Southern Leyte is not just a diver's paradise. The province hosts a variety of attractions that are worth your precious time. On our third day in Southern Leyte, we explored the towns of Sogod, Hinunangan, and Silago, passing through the sleepy town of Saint Bernard (the infamous site of the 2006 mudslide that caused massive damage and loss of lives).

    How to go to Southern Leyte (Pacific Side):

    By Air

    From Manila, take a one-hour flight to Tacloban. Domestic airlines such as Airasia, Cebu Pacific, and Philippine Airlines fly daily to Tacloban City. From the airport, ride a jeepney or ...

  • Feeding Frenzy

    Kalagitan Fish Sanctuary at Hinunangan Southern Leyte, Philippines.

  • XU-GLI Visits Two Galing Pook Awardees In Southern Leyte

    XU-GLI Visits Two Galing Pook Awardees In Southern Leyte

    Governance and Leadership Institute (XU-GLI) visited barangays Upper Bantawon and Calag-itan of Hinunangan, Southern Leyte, two recipients of the prestigious Galing Pook National Awards on June 1 and 2, respectively.

    In 2005, Barangay Upper Bantawon was recognized for the construction of their mini hydroelectric power plant despite the odds of being the farthest village from the city, perilous roads and the community's poverty.

    The perseverance of their barangay council and the cooperation of the Upper Bantawon families helped in providing their village with electricity and livelihood op ...

  • Hinunangan Southern Leyte

    Hinunangan Southern Leyte

    A couple of months ago when we went to Eastern Samar, my friend Emma mentioned that they were having a family reunion in Hinunangan in May. She invited us to join her but I myself wasn't exactly sure because, after all, that's a family reunion and I'm nowhere near related to Emma by blood. However, another part of me was pushing me to go because I haven't been to Southern Leyte yet.

    My constant travel buddy Jao and I were only able to finalize our plans to go there about a week before the trip, so off I went to create the itinerary.

    My biggest dilemma was the transportation going in and ...