Tinalak or Tnalak Festival

Koronadal City, South Cotabato

Tinalak or T'nalak Festival is a day of festivity to commemorate the foundation anniversary of South Cotabato. This is celebrated every month of July in the provincial capital of Koronadal City.

The festival is named after t'nalak, a colorful abaca cloth created and woven by the women of the province's T'boli tribe. The cloth is chosen as the festival icon as it is considered to sym ...

bolize the blending of culture, strength and unity of the various ethnic groups living in the province.

Tinalak or Tnalak Festival News

  • South Cotabato Land Of Dreamweavers

    South Cotabato Land Of Dreamweavers

    The provincial government of South Cotabato has adopted the tagline "Land of the Dreamweavers" as the official brand for its tourism promotion and marketing campaigns.

    Cesar Sulit Jr., South Cotabato senior tourism operations officer, said the move is mainly aimed to enhance the local governments continuing efforts to develop the province as a top cultural and ecotourism destination in the country.

    He said the new brand is a tribute to the provinces tribal "dreamweavers" and the famed Tnalak fabric.

    Tnalak is a traditional craft of the Tboli tribe, which are based in the municipalitie ...

  • South CotabatoTnalak Festival 2017 In 60 Seconds

    T'nalak Festival happened every month of July in Koronadal City the capital of South Cotabato. The name of the festival was derived from t'nalak, a colorful abaca cloth created and woven by the women of the province's T'boli tribe.

  • Experiencing Tnalak Festival, Travel Guide

    Experiencing Tnalak Festival, Travel Guide

    Just like the Dream weavers of South Cotabato who are responsible for making the beautiful fabric, I had been dreaming of witnessing the T?nalak Festival.

  • Tnalak Festival Opening Ceremonies

    Tnalak Festival Opening Ceremonies

    The week-long celebration of this year's Tnalak Festival of the Province of South Cotabato starts today, July 13 with the civic-military and thematic parade happening at 6 AM at the main streets of the City of Koronadal and the opening ceremonies to be held at the South Cotabato Sports Complex by 9 AM.

    Below are other activities of Tnalak Festival 2017 happening today:

    July 13, 2017
    Civic Military Parade & Thematic Parade
    - Float and Most Festive Contingent Competition
    6 AM onwards, main streets of Koronadal City

    Tnalak Festival Opening Ceremonies
    - Clean & Green Awarding
    - Mass ...

  • Dance Music Workshops To Highlight Arts Month Celebration In South Cotabato

    Dance and Rondalla workshops, arts exhibits and one-act plays will underscore South Cotabato's celebration of February as National Arts Month.

    Provincial Tourism Officer Cesar Sulit Jr., said the month-long celebration will kick off on Saturday, February 11, at the KCC Mall of Marbel with the opening of a visual arts exhibit at the mall's activity area.

    "The exhibits will feature paintings of the visual artists in the province. Local fashion designers will also showcase their designs," Sulit said. The exhibits will run until February 26.

    Sulit said this is ...

  • Highlights And Best Of Tnalak Festival 2016 Street Dancing Championship Competition Koronadal

    Mindanao is the biggest island of the country where diverse cultures are found. From Christians to Muslims, people live in harmony and peace. The island is also famous for different ethnic festivals and one of those is the T'nalak Festival in South Cotabato. T'nalak is a piece of cloth woven by the locals of Cotabato made from abaca. The festival is a way to promote the culture and traditions of the T'boli tribe as well as their form of living. Visitors will experience the ethnicity of Philippine culture through trade expos and exhibits where you can also buy souvenirs before you go back to yo ...