Tboli Settlement

General Santos City, South Cotabato

T'boli Settlement is located in General Santos City, South Cotabato. The T'boli tribe settled in the spot where they have, and it is due to Lake Sebu itself. Lake Sebu is where the indigenous group T'boli tribe first settled and one can just imagine that this place was found suitable to meet the needs of the community. The local tribe believes that Lake Sebu is a place of miracles because even dur ...

ing the hottest and driest months, this never goes dry.

Tboli Settlement News

  • The Tboli Tribe Of The Philippines

    The Tboli Tribe Of The Philippines

    Finally, the global social consensus states that the indigenous people of any land deserve far more than they have gotten thus far. Lets explore one of these groups - the T'boli tribe of the Philippines!

  • Chanting An Oral Tradition

    Chanting An Oral Tradition

    "You have to listen to your spirit guide. Kung hindi ka makinig, there's no start and there's no end," this was how Dolores Loco Agor described what she waits for after saying a prayer (oracion) before starting to chant.

    Agor is a Tboli chanter who learned from the most esteemed chanter in their tribe, Mendung S. Sabal.

    She admits she was not inclined to chanting while young, having been attending school with the missionaries and thus was filled with Christian thinking. But her aunt Mendung, the first cousin of her mother, interested her in it, and though she still continues doing missio ...

  • Welcome To Kule A Tboli Culture Immersion

    Welcome To Kule A Tboli Culture Immersion

    The Philippines is so rich not only with natural resources but also of people and culture. Because of the physical attribute of the country, there is no wonder that the Philippines houses hundreds of tribes, culture, and languages. The Philippines has been one of the favorite spots for people who love adventures and wanted to discover and experience different cultures, I am not an exception. The last time I felt so immersed in the culture and in the place I visited, was when we stayed in the mountains of Cordillera. The community was miles away from the cityscape Im used to. The culture and th ...

  • Valley Of The Gods Tudok Tboli South Cotabato

    There are lots of reasons why we travel. For me, most of the time it's about having an adventure and fun. But in this particular story, it's different. I needed to run away, to think and reflect. So when I saw an invitation to visit the farthest barangay in Tboli, South Cotabato I immediately packed my bags and left.

    It was a spur of the moment decision but it was definitely one of those great moments I will forever remember. The plan was to visit the Valley of the Gods. It's a landscape en route to Barangay Tudok and I wasn't really expecting that much on this trip. But I was wrong. This ...

  • The Tboli Passing On Their Indigenous Culture

    The Tboli Passing On Their Indigenous Culture

    The T'boli is an ethnic tribe with a fascinating cultural heritage; they lived for centuries in the lush tropical forest through foraging and hunting. Their rich culture is founded in tribal traditions and remained mostly untouched by Western civilization. The T'boli form of animistic beliefs has not been influenced by the introduction of Islam and Christianity and until today almost all elements of life are guided by ancient beliefs and traditions.

    The T'boli believe in the existence of one God, named "D'wata" and their culture is inspired by nature, their native dances are mimicking the a ...

  • Top 10 Places To Visit In General Santos City

    General Santos City is located in the Southernmost part of the Philippines. It is highly urbanized city and has one of the largest population in the country. There are few notable celebrities and personalities that came from this "Tuna Capital of the Philippines". Who doesn't know Manny Pacquiao The most popular boxer in the world who made us realize that every dream is possible when we take action. How about Shamcy Supsup and Melai Cantiveros

    There are about 26 barangays in the city and Cebuano is the widely spoken language. Fishing and farming are two of the most common source of income. ...