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  • Street Dancing Highlights Kulitangtang Festival In Tantangan

    Street Dancing Highlights Kulitangtang Festival In Tantangan

    Street dancers from four secondary schools in their colorful costumes adorned the national highway in Tantangan yesterday, January 27, 2015 as the town marks its 54th Founding Anniversary.

    Various activities filled the week-long celebration of the 5th Kulitangtang Festival, which culminated with street dancing, to include drum & lyre competition, motocross, the search for Mutya ng Tantangan, ballroom competition, tribal day, the showcase of the biggest Galapong in town, some sports events, inauguration of the new public terminal and PNP buildings, variety shows, celebrity night and many oth ...

  • Kulitangtang Festival 2014 Tantangan South Cotabato

    Kulitangtang Festival is celebrated every 4th week of January in the Municipality of Tantangan, South Cotabato.

    The festival name is taken from a Maguindanaoan word "Kulitangtangan" which refers to the ringing of a bell during a gathering.

    This week long celebration coincides with the town's foundation anniversary which falls every 27th of January. People from the 13 barangays of Tantangan participates in different activities including sports competitions, talent shows, beauty pageants, trade fairs, variety and cultural shows, street dancing and drum & lyre competition among others.

    W ...

  • Kulitangtang Festival 2015 Tantangan National Trade High School

    Tantangan National Trade High School joined the Kulitangtang Festival 2015.

  • Tantangan Celebrate Kulitangtang Festival

    Tantangan Celebrate Kulitangtang Festival

    The laid back town of Tantangan in the Province of South Cotabato recently burst into life as it celebrated the 6th Kulitangtang Festival.

    Held from Januray 21-28, the people of Tantangan, from its 13 barangays as well as from neighboring towns and cities flocked to the town proper for various exciting activities which showcased the rich cultural heritage, talents, beauty, and unity, among others of the Tantange├▒os.

    Among these are sports and trade events, job fair, talent competitions, bahay kubo competition, tribal day and many more.

    The town has also named its new ambassador of g ...