Lake Maughan

T'boli, South Cotabato

Lake Maughan, which is officially called Lake Holon, is at the top of Mount Melibengoy. The volcano has an elevation of and a base diameter of 40 km. It has a 2.9-km-wide caldera with steep walls that rise 200-500m above the lake.

Mt Melibengoy is considered one of the sacred places of the T'boli tribe. It hosts a rare species, Parantica dannatti reyesi, which was discovered by the ...

late Professor Josue de los Reyes of Notre Dame of Marbel University and published in the Entomological Journal of Senckerburg Research Institute in December 1994.

Government officials have also confirmed sightings of the Philippine Tarsier, Tarsius syrichta which can supposedly be found in the barangays surrounding Lake Holon.

Lake Maughan or Lake Holon News

  • Taking A Break In The Breathtaking Lake Holon Of Tboli South Cotabato

    Taking A Break In The Breathtaking Lake Holon Of Tboli South Cotabato

    I signed up myself for a Lake Holon tour, thinking it was as very accessible like my favorite Lake Apo. I just knew it through the pictures I saw in social media, and clearly didnt research further about the hike. It was one of my biggest mistakes so far in all of my travelling experience. I did have a hard time during the trek I nearly gave up, and I wasnt even prepared for the rollercoaster motorcycle ride going to the jump off point.

  • Welcome To Kule A Tboli Culture Immersion

    Welcome To Kule A Tboli Culture Immersion

    The Philippines is so rich not only with natural resources but also of people and culture. Because of the physical attribute of the country, there is no wonder that the Philippines houses hundreds of tribes, culture, and languages. The Philippines has been one of the favorite spots for people who love adventures and wanted to discover and experience different cultures, I am not an exception. The last time I felt so immersed in the culture and in the place I visited, was when we stayed in the mountains of Cordillera. The community was miles away from the cityscape Im used to. The culture and th ...

  • Lake Holon The Reward Of Patience

    Lake Holon The Reward Of Patience

    Well, that is the most fitting quote for our story when we climbed Mt. Melibengoy (Mt. Parker) and visited the wonder inducing Lake Holon of TBoli, South Cotabato. Lake Holon is Mt. Melibengoys crater which spreads more than a hundred of hectares in measure.

  • Kfi Tbolis Coffee

    Kfi Tbolis Coffee

    Native coffees always had a special aroma and taste, and the K'fi coffee of the TBoli tribe is no exception.

    This coffee product is organic and is being consumed by the tribe, especially the elders, regularly.

    From what was just a regular coffee served in the tribe, the K'fi coffee is now being offered as a pasalubong for tourists visiting the famous tourist spot in South Cotabato Lake Holon.

    Before hiking Mt. Parkers Lake Holen, tourists shall drop by the Tboli towns Municipal Tourism Office to register and get local guides. Upon reaching the area, visitors will be welcomed with a sa ...

  • Lake Holon DIY Budget Travel Guide Plus Itinerary And Why This Gem Is Worth Flying All The Way To Mindanao

    Lake Holon DIY Budget Travel Guide Plus Itinerary And Why This Gem Is Worth Flying All The Way To Mindanao

    Among the three major islands of The Philippines, Mindanao is probably the least popular among travelers. It is notorious however in making headlines in the international media as one place any person with a normal functioning brain should be wary about. Hence the aversion of many to this unsung paradise. Before any traveler could think about going to The Philippines, they're already hindered by travel bans issued by their respective countries. That's because of Mindanao and how unsafe a place it is. Even Filipinos from parts of Luzon and Visayas are scared of the southern region of our own co ...

  • Amazing Lake Holon

    Amazing Lake Holon

    If you love adventure, you can discover several tourist spots in the country. One of these wonderful places is the Lake Holon in South Cotabato, known as the Crown Jewel of the South.

    With the help of organizers Inday Langan and Jetro Castro, it's not difficult to visit this breathtaking place. Lake Holon is an 18-kilometer trail armed with your walking stick ??" a long trudge indeed! But at the same time it's a great realization in life that you can even witness with your bare eyes the wonders of God's creation beyond man's imagination.

    It's a time to reflect on one's self as what one o ...