Lake Maughan

T'boli, South Cotabato

Lake Maughan, which is officially called Lake Holon, is at the top of Mount Melibengoy. The volcano has an elevation of and a base diameter of 40 km. It has a 2.9-km-wide caldera with steep walls that rise 200-500m above the lake.

Mt Melibengoy is considered one of the sacred places of the T'boli tribe. It hosts a rare species, Parantica dannatti reyesi, which was discovered by the ...

late Professor Josue de los Reyes of Notre Dame of Marbel University and published in the Entomological Journal of Senckerburg Research Institute in December 1994.

Government officials have also confirmed sightings of the Philippine Tarsier, Tarsius syrichta which can supposedly be found in the barangays surrounding Lake Holon.

Lake Maughan or Lake Holon News

  • SoCots Famed Mountain Lake Closed For Rehab

    The municipal government of Tboli in South Cotabato shut down the famed crater-lake of Holon to visitors starting Monday, in line with its annual rehabilitation.

    The entire mountain lake and its environs were specifically declared off limits to trekking and other tourism-related activities for at least two months based on an executive order issued by Tboli Mayor Dibu Tuan.

    Tuan said the move is in compliance with the provisions of Municipal Ordinance No. 33, series of 2016, that sets the conservation and protection activities for the area's tourism sites.

    He said Section 20 of the ord ...

  • Lake Holon Tboli Tribes Other Gem

    Lake Holon Tboli Tribes Other Gem

    Also called Lake Maughan, the 304-hectare Holon is perking up human traffic in T'boli more than the gold mining industry, which has transformed it into a first-class municipality since gold deposits were discovered there more than three decades ago.

    While the town also hosts vast plantations of pineapple and banana, it is the once obscure lake that has drawn tourists for the past few years, with some adventure seekers coming from countries such as those in Europe, the United States, India and China.

    Holon is a crater lake nestled on Mt. Melibengoy, also known as Mt. Parker, where a rare ...

  • Lake Holon: A Proof That Faith Can Indeed Move Mountains

    Lake Holon: A Proof That Faith Can Indeed Move Mountains

    Nature has a way of arriving unannounced. Either you take it as a great surprise or transgressed demise would highly depend on the way you perceive the unexpected. In the end, whatever is meant to happen, will happen; we only need a deeper means of understanding that everything laid out is for the good. And this, my friend, is what we call as faith.

  • Lake Holon Tboli South Cotabato Aerial View

    Lake Holon or formerly known as Lake Maughan is marked as the cleanest lake in Region 12 and one of the National finalist in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and ranked first in the 2003 and 2004 search for the inland bodies of water in the whole Philippines archipelago.

  • Taking A Break In The Breathtaking Lake Holon Of Tboli South Cotabato

    Taking A Break In The Breathtaking Lake Holon Of Tboli South Cotabato

    I signed up myself for a Lake Holon tour, thinking it was as very accessible like my favorite Lake Apo. I just knew it through the pictures I saw in social media, and clearly didnt research further about the hike. It was one of my biggest mistakes so far in all of my travelling experience. I did have a hard time during the trek I nearly gave up, and I wasnt even prepared for the rollercoaster motorcycle ride going to the jump off point.

  • Welcome To Kule A Tboli Culture Immersion

    Welcome To Kule A Tboli Culture Immersion

    The Philippines is so rich not only with natural resources but also of people and culture. Because of the physical attribute of the country, there is no wonder that the Philippines houses hundreds of tribes, culture, and languages. The Philippines has been one of the favorite spots for people who love adventures and wanted to discover and experience different cultures, I am not an exception. The last time I felt so immersed in the culture and in the place I visited, was when we stayed in the mountains of Cordillera. The community was miles away from the cityscape Im used to. The culture and th ...