Lake Lahit

Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Lake Lahit is a relatively small lake compared to other lakes. It is located on top of the mountains and is one of the lakes in the small town of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato.

Lake Lahit News

  • The Lake Sebu Experience

    The Lake Sebu Experience

    Lake Sebu, Southern Mindanao's most precious jewel.

    Imagine yourself on top of the mountain while enjoying the scenic views of fresh bodies of water such as the pristine beauty of the lakes, cascade, waterfalls and rivers. Exhilarate yourself with the revitalizing road trip experience along the plains and the mountains. Indulge yourself with the sweet caress of fresh air and hear the warm greetings of the birds.

    Lake Sebu brings you close to nature. An unspoilt haven for adventure, nature experience can be fully enjoyed when you engage in variety of exciting escapades. Trek the mountain ...

  • Lakes Of Lake Sebu Lake Sebu Lake Seloton Lake Lahit

    Lakes Of Lake Sebu Lake Sebu Lake Seloton Lake Lahit

    While we were doing our itinerary for this trip in Lake Sebu, we encountered something that utterly confused us, why are other we encountering names of other lakes that are in Lake Sebu? Does it mean there are a number of lakes within Lake Sebu? Lake within a lake? Parang na-Inception lang! :P Turns out, there are actually three lakes in Lake Sebu, and that Lake Sebu is not just a lake, but the name of a town. First off, the biggest one which the town is named after, Lake Sebu, the secoond biggest one, Lake Seloton, and last, Lake Lahit. Even though the rain did not show any signs of stopping ...

  • SouthCot Wants More Stringent Measures To Preserve Lakes

    Environment personnel in South Cotabato province are pushing for the amendment of the fisheries ordinance of Lake Sebu town in a bid to ensure the proper management of its three critical lakes.

    Siegfred Flaviano, Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO) chief, said Wednesday they have formulated a new version of the ordinance that sets more stringent regulatory measures for the utilization of various resources at the town's lakes Sebu, Seloton and Lahit.

    Dubbed the Lake Sebu Fisheries Code, he said the proposed ordinance includes rehabilitation, protection, conservation and sustai ...

  • DOT Positioning Lake Lahit As Another Tourism Magnet In South Cotabato

    DOT Positioning Lake Lahit As Another Tourism Magnet In South Cotabato

    The Department of Tourism (DOT) has allocated an initial P12.5 million for the development of Lake Lahit in Lake Sebu town in South Cotabato as an alternative ecotourism destination.

    South Cotabato (Second District) Rep. Daisy Avance-Fuentes said the funds would mainly be utilized for the establishment of various tourism facilities around the 24-hectare Lake Lahit, which is one of the town's three scenic lakes.

    "The initial plan was to develop a restaurant boulevard in one of its scenic lakeside strips," she said.

    Fuentes said that DOT officials informed her that the project's contrac ...