Hikong Blebed Falls

Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Hikong Blebed Falls which means coil or zigzag falls located in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. It is situated between two cliffs and directly streams to Hikong Lowig. It has 2 tiers and is 20 feet high.

Hikong Blebed Falls News

  • Lake Sebu Waterfalls

    Lake Sebu Waterfalls

    We've seen photos of this waterfall countless times before but when we finally saw it in real life it was far more majestic. The towering falls was like a scenic magnet, beckoning and pulling you to get ever closer with each step you take. And as you get closer you begin to feel the cold spray of its pounding waters in the gentle breeze. This is Hikong Bente, a T'boli phrase translated "immeasurable." They couldn't have picked a more suitable epithet.

    The Seven Falls

    Lake Sebu probably has the one of the densest concentration of waterfalls in the country. In Barangay Seloton alone ??" al ...

  • The 7 Falls of Lake Sebu the Complete List

    The 7 Falls of Lake Sebu the Complete List

    The 7 Falls of Lake Sebu in South Cotabato is a major attraction in the region. Also known as Dongon Falls, tourists throng to visit the site to see the magnificence of the falls. Most of the tourists visit Lake Sebu to experience the famous Asia's highest zipline, added the topview of 3 (Falls #2, Falls #4, Falls #5) of the waterfalls as bonus. Only 3 among 4 are visible since one (Falls #3) is hidden among the lushly vegetated landscapes.

    Tons of posts about the 7 Falls of Lake Sebu has flooded the net since the attraction became popular in early 2000. However, no post could show the co ...

  • Chasing Waterfalls Seven Falls Of Lake Sebu

    Chasing Waterfalls Seven Falls Of Lake Sebu

    The first time that I have visited South Cotabato was in November 2005 in an all-expense paid, one-week trip. But I did not go beyond the city limits of General Santos as I was busy in a work. Then in June 2007, I have returned to this southerly province and have explored General Santos, Polomolok, and Lake Sebu. But in this visit, I wasn't able to see the seven falls of Lake Sebu. Maybe it was not opened to the public at that time or I wasn't just aware of its existence.

    In the years that followed, I tried in vain to make a return trip to South Cotabato. For some considerations, I had to f ...