Hikong Bente Falls

Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Hikong Bente Falls is located in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. It is the highest and most beautiful at 70 feet high and can be reached through a concrete stairway with 776 steps. There is also a viewdeck that can be reached on foot or by vehicles.

Hikong Bente Falls News

  • Magnificent Seven Falls Of Lake Sebu

    Magnificent Seven Falls Of Lake Sebu

    Already blessed with dozens of lakes, Barangay Seloton of the Municipality of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, has natural attractions that are must-see for waterfalls fanatics: Seven Falls. Cementation of access road paved the way to the booming of tourism of these natural wonders for the town. Imagine, not only one, but SEVEN magnificent waterfalls are waiting for you there.

  • Lake Sebu Adventure

    An amazing adventure in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. There are 7 beautiful waterfalls to visit. The zipline over the 7 waterfalls is the tallest zipline in Asia. It is quite scary but much fun and thrill. You can visit the Isla Lake Resort for lunch and meet the Tboli indigenous people of South Cotabato, Mindanao, then take a refreshing Lake Sebu boat tour.

  • South Cotabato Zip Line At Lake Sebu 7-Falls

    South Cotabato Zip Line At Lake Sebu 7-Falls

    South Cotabato, the ancestral domain of the T'Boli tribe and also the home of the majestic Lake Sebu Seven Falls. Visitors often go to Lake Sebu to see the Seven falls and ride the zipline which gives the nicest view from above.

    Upon arrival, visitors will be asked to pay the entrance of Php20 each.

    We trailed 774 steps to get up close to Hikong Bente, the 2nd waterfalls and though going down could be easy, going up is completely different story.

    And to the most awaited part, its zip-line time! The easiest way to see the other falls which is divided into 2 parts, a 740 meter ride from ...

  • Lake Sebu Dreamweavers Land

    Lake Sebu Dreamweavers Land

    As Kind and I leave Surallah behind, the slow pace of rural Mindanao takes over. Rice fields stretch until the point near the horizon where Mount Matutum seems to grow. Children run around the side of the road. Jagged coconut trees and wooden houses dot the otherwise green landscape. Once again, I'm having that particular brand of excitement that I get every time I embark on an adventure.

    I get off the motorbike for a few minutes at the town center, where a few stalls sell meals, canned drinks and souvenir items. There's a large "I Heart Lake Sebu" on a fence that encloses the majestic stat ...

  • Exploring Lake Sebu South Cotabato

    Exploring Lake Sebu South Cotabato

    Sharing with you our trip to Lake Sebu last November 5, 2015 with my office mates Ma-ann and Jean. For our annual trip, we decided to visit Socsargen. After beach bumming in Gumasa Beach Glan, Saranggani we explored Lake Sebu in South Cotabato. As mentioned on my post about Gumasa beach, we don't have itinerary for this trip but we know how to get there. On the second day of our vacation, we headed to the terminal in Gensan and took a trip to T'boli via van, fare is P140. Ate, one of the passenger is kind enough and gave us directions and tips about our destination. We left Gensan at 9am and a ...

  • Beauty with Altitude

    Beauty with Altitude

    Feeling rested and energized on a cold December morning, we began the day waiting for our breakfast order at one of the huts along the lake shore. The morning sun was already up, its golden rays reflecting off the tranquil waters of the lake and revealing the magenta blossoms of lotus plants now fully awake in the morning light. Here and there white herons would glide over the waters and come to rest on the bamboo poles stretched out to mark the fish pens. A dugout canoe slowly glided along the placid waters, its skilled helmsman guiding the craft around patches of lotus plants. We could not h ...