Allah Valley Watershed

Surallah, South Cotabato

The Allah Valley Watershed Forest Reserve (at times also spelled Alah) is a large valley of the Allah River in the provinces of South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat on the island of Mindanao, Philippines. It is formed by the Roxas-Matulas Range in the north and the Daguma Mountain Range in the south.

It is accessible via the Allah Valley Airport in Surallah, South Cotabato.


/> The valley is recognized for its natural beauty, such as Lake Sebu, Lake Holon, Baras Bird Sanctuary, and Esperanza Hot and Cold Springs. On the other hand, it is adversely affected by flooding, siltation, riverbank migration, unstable agriculture production, and upland degradation, as well as illegal logging.

Allah Valley Watershed Forest Reserve News

  • Lake Holon And Mt Melibingoy Mt Parker In South Cotabato Philippines

    Lake Holon And Mt Melibingoy Mt Parker In South Cotabato Philippines

    Remind me once more why we're doing this have been the one phrases that I managed to let loose in between gasps as I circled to face my fellow journey bloggers. They have been battling their very own breathlessness.

    "We do not know" they answered with synchronized laughter whereas making an attempt to scale one other sharp slope.

    With all tat I had been by means throughout the trek, a reminder would assist me reclaim the main target than has slipped someplace alongside the path, maybe throughout the moments I misplaced steadiness, slid down, and scratched all my limbs. There was a teensy ...

  • Into The Heart Of The Guardians Lake Holon

    Into The Heart Of The Guardians Lake Holon

    January 2, 2015, marked the day of what I thought was just a usual lake trip with friends but turned out as my first ever trek and camping experience. It was my first trip to Lake Holon. I really thought that it's just like a walk in the park, get there and go home, but Lake Holon is filled with so much surprises.

    The trip started at the tourism office of the Municipal Hall of T'boli, where we were welcomed by the accommodating Municipal Tourism Officer, Rodel Hilado. We registered our names and contact information after which the tourism staff endorsed us to the habal-habal drivers who too ...

  • Journey To The Valley Of The Gods

    Journey To The Valley Of The Gods

    It was as if the vast verdant valley ??" called Allah Valley ??" has beckoned, welcoming adventurers who are brave enough to explore its bosom. The valley has kept its secrets for so long, but finally it is ready to reveal them, one by one, to anyone who willing to treasure its beauty.

    For years, Allah Valley has been kept out of the tourism loop primarily because of civil unrest and natural disasters in Mindanao. Environmental issues also affected its forested valley that spreads across the provinces of South Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat.

    In 1996 and 2002, both provinces experienced seve ...

  • Development Of Ecotourism Sites In South Cotabatos Lake Holon Starts

    The municipal government of T'boli in South Cotabato is closing down the ecotourism sites at the famed crater-lake Holon for at least nine months to pave the way for the area's rehabilitation and improvement.

    Rodel Hilado, T'boli municipal tourism officer, said Tuesday the local government decided to totally shut down the entire 304-hectare Lake Holon to visitors and any activity to ensure the proper implementation of its comprehensive rehabilitation and development program for the area.

    He said the area's closure will begin on June 15 and will extend until March 15 next year, in time fo ...

  • Checkpoints Vs Illegal Logging In Central Mindanao Planned

    Leonisa C. Alfaro, protected area superintendent of Allah Valley Protected Landscape, proposed to the protected areas board on Thursday the establishment of a checkpoint initially in Barangay New Dumangas in the town of T'boli.

    She noted that last year, her team apprehended a total of 21,377 board feet of logs and lumber. This raises concern considering it is a huge increase from the 12,362 board feet intercepted in 2012.

    "We have to reduce the demand for major and minor forest products in the areas where the illegal logs are being delivered," Ms. Alfaro said. Allah Valley is considered ...

  • South Cotabato To Restore Denuded Forests In Tboli

    The provincial government of South Cotabato is planning to rehabilitate some 40 hectares of a denuded timberland area in T'boli town as it continues to build up the province's forest reserves.

    Mary Jane Manlisis, chief forester of the Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO), said Wednesday the local government has approved an initial budget of P1 million for the project, which is part of the province's continuing community-based upland and natural resources management program

    She said the initiative had been endorsed by Gov. Daisy Avance-Fuentes as among the province's priority r ...