Tikling Island

Matnog, Sorsogon

Tikling Island is a private island but the area can be visited by tourists for day tours. The long white and pinkish shoreline is pristine and nice area for swimming and snorkeling. There are no resorts, tents or cottage built in the entire island. The island is filled with coconut trees scattered unevenly throughout the island.

As the island is owned by people, people are not allo ...

wed to loiter around without permissions and hence generally only day trippers are allowed. However, if asked beforehand visitors can be granted the permission of night camping from the inhabitants of the island.

Tikling Island News

  • Tikling Island Sorsogon

    Tikling Island Sorsogon

    This was my last destination of the day. Right after Juac Island and Subic Beach, we went to this small island located along San Bernardino Straight. This island is just 20 minutes away from Calintaan and Juac Island.

  • Sorsogon Matnogs Pink Beach And Fish Sanctuary

    Sorsogon Matnogs Pink Beach And Fish Sanctuary

    Pink Beaches are rarity, so given chance to visit one, I excitedly said yes. From a residence in Gubat where we are staying, it was almost a two-hour ride to the pier of Matnog Public Market, the jump-off point to the Pink Beach of Tikling Island.

  • Sorsogon 2017 Suki Beach, Tikling Island, Subic Beach

    A 10 hour ride from manila, and a 30 minute ride from matnog sorsogon is a hidden paradise of tikling island and powdery pinkish white sand of subic beach.

    Big waves of the sea will give you a warm welcome, but don't be scared because the hidden gem is about to be found.

  • Matnog Sorsogon Beach Tale On Luzons Tail

    Matnog Sorsogon Beach Tale On Luzons Tail

    Matnog is Luzons gateway to Visayas. In the past, it only served as a link between Sorsogon & Samar ferrying thousands of passengers & tons of goods. But today, tourism is changing the way people spend time in this small coastal town.

  • Sorsogon Island Hopping

    Sorsogon Island Hopping Tikling Island, Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary, Subic Beach.

  • Sorsogon Why Its Every Travelers Dream Destination

    Sorsogon Why Its Every Travelers Dream Destination

    Are you from Bicol? was what I remember someone asking me back in high school when I told him that my favorite food is laing, a Bicolano dish cooked with dried taro (gabi) leaves, coconut milk (gata), and chili peppers for a kick. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I hate eating vegetables, but this vegetable dish won over other more popular and meat-based Filipino and international dishes.

    I am not from Bicol. I was born in Iloilo and grew up in Manila and only tasted laing when someone in our house cooked it ??" not even authentic Bicol laing. The truth is, I haven't even been to B ...