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  • Exhausted Fishing Ground In Sorsogon Turns Into Thriving Fish Reserve

    Exhausted Fishing Ground In Sorsogon Turns Into Thriving Fish Reserve

    Until the late 1990s, illegal fishers exploded dynamite in this 110-hectare fishing ground, which resulted in the devastation of fish and their natural habitat, said Jenny Gabito, a local government technologist.

    But the town had shifted its energy in 2001 toward the transformation of the exhausted fishing ground into a sprawling fish reserve.

    Former Juban Vice Mayor Aristeo Alindogan sighed as he recounted how unforgiving illegal fishers looted the area employing destructive fishing methods. He said those men were armed.

    Roughly an hour motorboat-drive off the shore of Sitio Baybay i ...

  • Paguriran Islands Beach And Lagoon With A Mayon Volcano View

    Uploading our first day going around Sorsogon. Located in Sawanga Bacon Sorsogon, Paguriran Island is an Island lagoon a few meters away from the shore. From the Island, you can see the towering Mayon Volcano. It's a public beach and it's pretty well known by the locals.

  • Dances Wisps And Otherworlds At Mount Pulog Sorsogon

    Dances Wisps And Otherworlds At Mount Pulog Sorsogon

    May 24, 2014

    I crave exhaustion. I welcome aching muscles and joints; hail shallow breaths and parched throat. I enjoy pushing myself to the limit because I am confident that there is more, that I can do more. I like to think I am one step closer to evolution by doing this.

    This is, perhaps, the reason why I love conquering peaks. Hiking and trekking do not have the same monotonous rhythm that mere running entails. It is exciting and I truly truly enjoy it.

    My fourth summit was Mt. Pulog. Not to be confused with the more popular Mt. Pulag, Pulog is some ...

  • Underrated Beauty Of Sorsogon Philippines

    Underrated Beauty Of Sorsogon Philippines

    This is one of the best adventures I had so far for 2016. Do you ever just think and smile because you're having a good time? Yup! This trip is so memorable not just because of the activities we had but because it's a once in a blue moon opportunity for me and my boyfriend to travel together. I'm starting to get attached with beaches because of how calming it is. I'm so glad I'm living in a tropical country.

    Call time is 6AM. We went straight to Matnog Port to start our half day island hopping. It was super fun! Didn't know that Sorsogon has something this amazing to offer. Aside from the B ...

  • Paguriran Island And Lagoon Escapade

    Paguriran Island And Lagoon Escapade

    Taylor Swift's 1989 album on play, car windows rolled down, summer breeze softly blowing, friends chatting and laughing at jokes uttered, some are half meant but most of them true??" This is the way I want to spend my Sundays, relaxed and happy. Yesterday, our long planned trip finally came true when we decided to pursue our Paguriran escapade.

    Together with my friends from law school, we ventured to one of the most talked about destination in Sorsogon, one of the provinces of Bicol. The Paguriran Island and Lagoon is located at Bacon, Sorsogon specifically at Barangay Sawangga. It is a mun ...

  • The Ultimate Road Trip Sorsogon-Samar-Leyte

    The Ultimate Road Trip Sorsogon-Samar-Leyte

    From Manila going all the way to Leyte and then back: this Sorsogon-Samar-Leyte road trip is the longest Hali and I have been on so far.

    This was planned to fall on the Holy Week, so we'd have ample time on the road without using up all our leaves in the office. I actually considered other getaways, but I believe hopping on a car for a days-long road trip is something everybody should experience at least once.

    Our whole group met up at Buendia and left in the evening of Tuesday and were back early morning of the same day of the following week.

    Sorsogon-Samar-Leyte road trip itinerary