San Benon Hot Spring

Irosin, Sorsogon

San Benon Hot Spring is located at Irosin, Sorsogon. Soak in the natural hot springs from the Bulusan Volcano. The naturally heated water is a good way to relax your muscles from all the stress. Travel time is 2 1/2 hours per way by land.

San Benon Hot Spring News

  • Sorsogon Tourist Spots In Two Days

    Sorsogon Tourist Spots In Two Days

    Sorsogon is one of the exciting destinations in the Bicol region. It has beaches, historical places and even hot spring! You just have to plan your travel really well to explore these sites.

    But no need to worry because I'll show you how were able to explore Sorsogon in two days. We did this travel last August 2016 when I joined a group travel and met some new friends. We started the trip by traveling to the farthest part of Bicol, at the tip of Luzon. This is the town of Matnog where the port is located for travelers going to Samar and the rest of Visayas and Mindanao. It would be better t ...

  • 5 Days Around Sorsogon Albay And Camarines Sur Itinerary Bicol Travel Guide And Expenses

    5 Days Around Sorsogon Albay And Camarines Sur Itinerary Bicol Travel Guide And Expenses

    I have always been curious about Bicol. I have only been to Masbate, which is my mother's hometown, but have yet to explore its sister provinces. During gradeschool, we were always taught of how beautiful Bicol is, with my teachers boasting of Mt. Mayon. I have no idea if they have even seen it up close or only in pictures, but when I had some free time before I start with a new company, I decided it was finally my turn to see it for myself. My sister was also about to commence with her university studies, so as a gift for her for passing the entrance exams and also an initiation (college is ...

  • Road Tripping In Sorsogon

    Road Tripping In Sorsogon

    One late February Friday, my friends and I started on yet another journey. This time, down south, literally. We were to hit the southernmost province of mainland Luzon: Sorsogon. It was a destination I was reluctant to see at first. After all, what is there to see in Sorsogon apart from the whale sharks in Donsol? But I was easily lured by photos of travel bloggers to go.

    And so there I was, boarding the flight to Legaspi on a rainy morning. I was hoping that the weather would turn for the better once we arrive in Legaspi, but was easily dissuaded once we set foot in the city. It wasn't rai ...

  • One thought on San Benon Hot Spring

    One thought on San Benon Hot Spring

    It was actually my second time to visit Sorsogon aside from the thought that this province is rich in beautiful beaches, their very own Mt. Bulusan and butanding sighting but it was their hot springs and cold springs that keeps the travellers going.

    It was almost a three-hour ride from Legazpi Central Terminal to reach the town proper of Irosin via bus. There are daily trips going to Bulan and it will pass at Irosin, the landmark that you must remember if you will be going to San Benon Hotspring is San Benon Elementary School.

    The fare rate as of January 2015 is 148.00 pesos, Legazpi Cit ...

  • Hidden Paradise in the province of Sorsogon

    Hidden Paradise in the province of Sorsogon

    Last May my auntie invited us to go for a vacation in Bicol and I immediately said YES because I am so missing my mother's hometown in Barcelona Sorsogon which I have visited 12 years ago. Our vacation also coincided with the Barcelona's town fiesta so felt like a grand reunion happened during our stay where we met our relatives in our family tree. The feeling is so nostalgic. I felt personal joy within myself that somehow i've come and seen again the place where once upon a time my mom spends her childhood days.

    The big bonus during our vacation was an introduction to some places I never ...

  • Top 10 Must Visit Attractions of Sorsogon

    Top 10 Must Visit Attractions of Sorsogon

    Sorsogon is usually not in many people's travel plans. This is especially true when holidaymakers have only heard about the most famous tourist spots in the Philippines, such as Boracay, Baguio and Puerto Galera. However, if you're planning to visit the Philippines, you may realize that not including Sorsogon into your travel plans is a big mistake. This comes from the fact that this province has a lot of fantastic things to offer, such as:

    The Donsol Whale Shark Attraction

    This is probably one of the most popular attractions in Sorsogon. From October until May, around 40 whale sharks (l ...