Juag Lagoon

Matnog, Sorsogon

Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary is located inside Juac Island, Matnog, Sorsogon. Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary is the dream and passion of Alex Geneblazo. His love for the marine environment led him to build an enclosure within Juag Lagoon that would allow aquatic species to grow and spawn in a protected habitat.

Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary News

  • Matnog Sorsogon

    Matnog Sorsogon

    The Municipality of Matnog lies along the coastal area of the Southern Luzon. This is the last municipality and has one of the busiest port because it is the jump off point towards Northern Samar. A third class municipality composed of different indigenous tribes such as Agta, Tabangon and Cimaron.

  • Exploring Juag Lagoon Fish Sanctuary

    Exploring Juag Lagoon Fish Sanctuary

    Situated in Matnog, Sorsogon and part of the island tour itinerary when going to Subic Beach and Tikling Island. Juag Lagon is privately owned fish sanctuary maintained by the Geneblazo family. Their native hut was built on a sandbar standing through stilts in the middle of the lagoon which is surrounded by fish pens spread across the area. It was opened to tourist to give awareness and educate the public about preserving marine life.

  • Beach Stays In Pink Of Health

    Beach Stays In Pink Of Health

    Considered mainland Luzon's gateway to the Visayas region, this town in Sorsogon province is striving to keep its top tourist attraction in the pink of health amid rising visitor arrivals in the past several years.

    Subic beach in Barangay Calintaan is known for its pinkish sand and rich marine biodiversity, and it has remained pristine despite the influx of tourists as a result of community and local government initiatives. It can be reached in 30 minutes by boat from the Matnog port.

    For instance, visitors must undergo a 5-minute briefing on proper waste disposal and the importance of k ...

  • Sorsogon Island Hopping

    Sorsogon Island Hopping Tikling Island, Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary, Subic Beach.

  • Sorsogon Tourist Spots In Two Days

    Sorsogon Tourist Spots In Two Days

    Sorsogon is one of the exciting destinations in the Bicol region. It has beaches, historical places and even hot spring! You just have to plan your travel really well to explore these sites.

    But no need to worry because I'll show you how were able to explore Sorsogon in two days. We did this travel last August 2016 when I joined a group travel and met some new friends. We started the trip by traveling to the farthest part of Bicol, at the tip of Luzon. This is the town of Matnog where the port is located for travelers going to Samar and the rest of Visayas and Mindanao. It would be better t ...

  • Hidden Cave, Beach And Fish Sanctuary, Matnog Sorsogon

    Discover the beauty of Matnog, Sorsogon, Philippines through the white sand and clear blue waters of Subic Beach, Calintaan Cave and Juag Lagoon Fish Sanctuary.

    We spent 4 days and 3 nights around Bicol Region, Philippines during the Holy Week.

    Watch to see how our roadtrip went!

    p.s. forgot my rash guard and yes I know I'm skinny haha!