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  • San Benon Hot Spring In Irosin Sorsogon

    San Benon Hot Spring In Irosin Sorsogon

    After the island hopping experience in Matnog Sorsogon, it was time to go back to the mainland and explore the other parts of the province.

    Early morning, we arrived at Matnog port and traveled for another hour to our next destination.

    "We're going to the hot spring! Yeah!"

    The hot spring was just perfect for us! The long hours of land travel from Manila, as well as the lack of sleep has really made us all tired. Of course, we were full of energy because we were traveling, but we couldn't deny the fact that we all need to rest for a while and relax.

    From the main road we turned rig ...

  • Discover The Beautiful Irosin In Sorsogon

    Discover The Beautiful Irosin In Sorsogon

    Irosin is a second-class, and the only land-locked, municipality in the province of Sorsogon, Philippines. Its local tourism is considered to have a great potential, as ecological tourism is becoming popular worldwide and the national government is intending to develop the region as a major hub for travelers. Given its strategic location and its variety of natural tourist spots, the town can be an area where local and foreign visitors converge.


    Irosin has a lot of potential attractions, ranging from historic landmarks to natural parks, as well as cold and hot springs, such as ...

  • Irosins Hot Spring

    Irosins Hot Spring

    At first, I was reluctant to entertain the idea of taking a dip in a hot spring during the summer season. It was definitely hot that afternoon when we arrived at Mateo Hot and Cold Spring Resort and the thought of cooling myself down in a cold spring rather was too far-fetched. However, we felt like we had no choice but to try it out since the cold spring resorts were 30 minutes away or more from this one. So we hurriedly showered first and immersed ourselves in one of the hot springs in Irosin and to my surprise it was not bad at all.

    I admit, it was hot when I tried soaking my feet first ...

  • San Mateo Hot And Cold Spring Resort At Irosin Sorsogon

    San Mateo Hot And Cold Spring Resort At Irosin Sorsogon

    If you want to visit a resort where you to be more relaxed it would be wise to visit San Mateo Hot and Cold Spring Resort located at Baranggay Monbon at Irosin, Sorsogon. Given with the gifts of nature, this spring has been transformed into a beautiful spring resort that anyone would enjoy.

    With three pools, it offers two different water temperatures; one warm and two cool water pools.

    Visiting San Mateo Hot and Cold Spring Resort would be the most budget friendly Hot Spring Resort if you would be in Bicol with an entrance fee of 35.00 Pesos for day and 40.00 Pesos for evening and they a ...

  • Philippines Monitors Two Active Volcanoes

    Philippines Monitors Two Active Volcanoes

    Bracing for possible major eruptions, authorities in the Philippines are monitoring two of the most active volcanoes in the country after they showed signs of abnormal behavior.

    In its advisory issued early Thursday, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said it recorded at least four minor earthquakes around Mount Kanlaon.

    "Ongoing tremor is accompanied by observed weak to moderate steaming at the active vent, producing a 700m-high steam and ash plume that drifted south-southwest," Phivolcs said.

    "Alert Level 1 status remains in effect over Kanlaon Volcano ...