Calintaan Island

Matnog, Sorsogon

Calintaan Island which is under the jurisdiction of Matnog, Sorsogon and few minutes away from Matnog Port. Subic Beach, a semi pink colored sand beach, is found at Calintaan Island.

Calintaan Island News

  • Luzons Jump-off Point, Calintaan Island

    Luzons Jump-off Point, Calintaan Island

    Calintaan Island is located at the southern tip of Luzon, and part of Matnog, Sorsogon. Visiting this island is going to be a hefty and long ride. So if you're coming from Legazpi City, probably that is around 125km, expect around 2 - 3 hours trip with your private ride, maybe a little bit more for a bus ride.

  • Matnog Sorsogon Detailed Travel Guide

    Matnog Sorsogon Detailed Travel Guide

    Matnog Sorsogon is located in the Southernmost part of the Bicol region. This town, at the tip of Luzon, is best known as a commercial and busy seaport where ferries bound for destinations in the Southern Philippines (i.e. Samar, Davao, and the rest of Visayas and Mindanao) can be found.

  • Matnog Sorsogon

    Matnog Sorsogon

    The Municipality of Matnog lies along the coastal area of the Southern Luzon. This is the last municipality and has one of the busiest port because it is the jump off point towards Northern Samar. A third class municipality composed of different indigenous tribes such as Agta, Tabangon and Cimaron.

  • Mga Endangered Friendly Fish Matatagpuan Sa Isang Fish Sanctuary Sa Sorsogon

    Matapos ang cave exploration, nag-island hopping naman ang mga UNTV Dive team sa Sorsogon kung saan natagpuan nila ang isang fish sanctuary para sa mga endangered specie ng mga isda.

  • Gateway To Discover Matnog

    Gateway To Discover Matnog

    You are now leaving the island of Luzon is what all travelers read when they enter the Matnog Port. "646 KM, Municipality of Matnog" says the small letters at the middle of the welcome arch at the entrance of the port.

    I haven't checked what's written at the back of the arch, but I believe that if there's one, it should read, "You are now entering the island of Luzon. Welcome to Matnog. It's 646 kilometers to Manila."

    Matnog is strategically located at the south-eastern tip of the island of Luzon. Its port is one of the busiest in the Philippines, playing host to millions of people cross ...

  • The Taunting Solace That Has Tikling

    The Taunting Solace That Has Tikling

    I tore up my usual schedule in favor of spontaneity. This is one of the most unplanned travel I did so far. Needless to say, I've been in a wonderland.

    Tikling Island is located in Matnog, Sorsogon, a private island owned by a local. Only a caretaker, together with his family live there. It is very serene and pristine. You would want to steal that island once you set your foot on the powdery white sands of Tikling.

    Our side-trips were Subic Beach in Calintaan Island where few resorts await tourists and the Juag Lagoon Fish Sanctuary, a man-made nest for various and beautiful fish.