Calintaan Cave

Matnog, Sorsogon

Calintaan Cave is located in Matnog, Sorsogon, southeastern part of Calintaan Island, just a minutes boat ride from the creamy white pinkish sand of Subic Beach.

Calintaan Cave News

  • Matnog Sorsogon Beach Tale On Luzons Tail

    Matnog Sorsogon Beach Tale On Luzons Tail

    Matnog is Luzons gateway to Visayas. In the past, it only served as a link between Sorsogon & Samar ferrying thousands of passengers & tons of goods. But today, tourism is changing the way people spend time in this small coastal town.

  • Beach Stays In Pink Of Health

    Beach Stays In Pink Of Health

    Considered mainland Luzon's gateway to the Visayas region, this town in Sorsogon province is striving to keep its top tourist attraction in the pink of health amid rising visitor arrivals in the past several years.

    Subic beach in Barangay Calintaan is known for its pinkish sand and rich marine biodiversity, and it has remained pristine despite the influx of tourists as a result of community and local government initiatives. It can be reached in 30 minutes by boat from the Matnog port.

    For instance, visitors must undergo a 5-minute briefing on proper waste disposal and the importance of k ...

  • Hidden Cave, Beach And Fish Sanctuary, Matnog Sorsogon

    Discover the beauty of Matnog, Sorsogon, Philippines through the white sand and clear blue waters of Subic Beach, Calintaan Cave and Juag Lagoon Fish Sanctuary.

    We spent 4 days and 3 nights around Bicol Region, Philippines during the Holy Week.

    Watch to see how our roadtrip went!

    p.s. forgot my rash guard and yes I know I'm skinny haha!

  • Backpacking Sorsogon Island Hopping In Matnog

    Backpacking Sorsogon Island Hopping In Matnog

    Down in the South tip of Luzon lies an adventure that awaits. Matnog Island still undeciphered for at least in most Tourist maps. Matnog is a 4 hours drive from city of Legazpi, you can ride a public bus or a van going to Bulan, Sorsogon. Tell the driver to drop you off at the Matnog and Bulan Intersection (landmark is the Lion Clubs moument, this is the intersection between Bulan and Matnog). There are 3 options to drop you off at the port,you can ride a bus or jeepney going to Matnog or take a tricycle. We choose the latter and most expensive due to our limited time (Php200).

    Near Matnog ...

  • The Secrets Of The Southern Tip

    Island hopping in Sorsogon's pink sandy beach, fish feeding at the Juag Lagoon Fish Sanctuary, snorkeling at Calintaan Cave, and enjoying the breathtaking beauty of small Subic Beach.

    The secrets of the Southern Tip.

  • Travel Guide Subic Beach Matnog Sorsogon

    Travel Guide Subic Beach Matnog Sorsogon

    Subic Beach is one of the places that I always love to go back. I was 10 years old when I first visited this place and though very young, I have never forgotten it. Subic beach is found at Calintaan Island of Matnog Sorsogon. Matnog is a third class municipality of Sorsogon, which is part of Bicol Region. It is actually my second home as this is the place of my father and grandparents.

    Last March 27, I went to Subic beach with my best friend and her workmates. I was really excited for this trip as I wanted to see the changes of this place after 18 years. We left Sorsogon around 9:00AM and a ...