Bayugin Falls

Bulusan, Sorsogon

Bayugin Falls are located in Brgy. San Francisco in Bulusan, Sorsogon and surrounded by a thick forest, the falls is the source of the Bayugin River which eventually joins Paghasaan River as it flows into Bulusan River.

It can be reached by a 20-minute tricycle ride from the town of Bulusan to Brgy. San Francisco. A 20-minute walk on a mossy and slippery path and then a steep descen ...

t to the falls, culminates the hike.

Bayugin Falls News

  • Travel To Bayugin Falls Sorsogon

    Travel To Bayugin Falls Sorsogon

    Another destination in our Sorsogon travel is at Bayugin Falls, Bulusan. This falls is now part of my favorite waterfalls list because of its beauty and the nature surrounding it. It's quite similar to Tuasan Falls in Camiguin, however this falls is much smaller.

  • Underrated Beauty Of Sorsogon Philippines

    Underrated Beauty Of Sorsogon Philippines

    This is one of the best adventures I had so far for 2016. Do you ever just think and smile because you're having a good time? Yup! This trip is so memorable not just because of the activities we had but because it's a once in a blue moon opportunity for me and my boyfriend to travel together. I'm starting to get attached with beaches because of how calming it is. I'm so glad I'm living in a tropical country.

    Call time is 6AM. We went straight to Matnog Port to start our half day island hopping. It was super fun! Didn't know that Sorsogon has something this amazing to offer. Aside from the B ...

  • Bayugin is not just a waterfall

    Bayugin is not just a waterfall

    Two days ago I took the above photo of my guest with a local guide trekking the heart of a tropical mountain forest while I was trailing slowly at a distance for some flora shoots. The rushing waters of Bayugin Falls can be heard clearly while walking on this mountain trail adding a dash of excitement to the short trek.

    I was just expecting a medium-sized waterfall since I have already seen a lot of photos of Bayugin Falls from several web sites promoting Bulusan tourism and travel. But Bayugin to my surprise is more than that. Bayugin is a visual treat ??" enchanting and magical. Pit ...

  • Top 10 Must Visit Attractions of Sorsogon

    Top 10 Must Visit Attractions of Sorsogon

    Sorsogon is usually not in many people's travel plans. This is especially true when holidaymakers have only heard about the most famous tourist spots in the Philippines, such as Boracay, Baguio and Puerto Galera. However, if you're planning to visit the Philippines, you may realize that not including Sorsogon into your travel plans is a big mistake. This comes from the fact that this province has a lot of fantastic things to offer, such as:

    The Donsol Whale Shark Attraction

    This is probably one of the most popular attractions in Sorsogon. From October until May, around 40 whale sharks (l ...

  • Sorsogon hidden treasures

    Sorsogon hidden treasures

    From the busy streets of Sorsogon, we make a turn into a lane densely lined with coconut trees. It seems quaint enough, your standard provincial scene, until we reach the entrance of Siama Hotel.

    Inside, the hotel is at the same time luxurious and easy-going. It is furnished with oversized sofas and pillows, which are made light by slim bamboo or rattan frames. There are sturdy, solid wooden tables balanced off by delightful details like glass lamps with sculpted fish "swimming" through them.

    "It's a hideaway… We want the guests who come here to feel like it's their home," says owner M ...

  • Experience the Province of Sorsogon Bulusan Philippine Travel Destinations

    Experience the Province of Sorsogon Bulusan Philippine Travel Destinations

    This little paradise is blessed with the pristine beauty of nature adorned with mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, falls, springs, and white sand beaches.

    Where is it located

    The town of Bulusan is one of the many must-see destinations in Sorsogon. It is located at the south central part of Sorsogon Province. It is surrounded on the north by the Municipality of Barcelona, on the west by the active Bulusan Volcano and the Municipality of Irosin, on the south by the Municipality of Sta. Magdalena, and on the east by the Embocadero (San Bernardino Strait) which opens to the vast Pacific Oce ...