Tulapos Marine Sanctuary

Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor

The Tulapos Marine Sanctuary is located in Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor. The sanctuary opened in 1986, the sanctuary covers 14 ha. of beaches, mangroves and coral reefs. Tulapos Marine Sanctuary contains abundant species of fish, corals and other underwater life.

Tulapos Marine Sanctuary News

  • Exploring Siquijor The Island Of Fire

    Exploring Siquijor The Island Of Fire

    This is the continuation of my Negros travel blog post as I went ahead to the province of Siquijor after my short stop in Dumaguete. I really intended to go here after exploring parts of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental thats why after staying overnight in Apo Island, I went to Dumaguete and rode a charter boat going to Siquijor, the province that was once called Isla de Fuego, which means Land of Fire.

  • Siquijor Around The Mystic Island Of The Philippines

    Siquijor Around The Mystic Island Of The Philippines

    Siquijor is a small island with so much to offer, from beautiful beaches to century old churches. It's a place where you can enjoy tranquility and have a glimpse of its history.

    We had a chance to see some of the tourist destinations in Siquijor. Our driver Kuya Danny was very kind to show us the most beautiful places on the island.

    St Isidore de Labrador Church or Lazi Church
    Location: Lazi, Siquijor

    The church is one of the oldest Roman Catholic Church which is located in the municipality of Lazi. Being colonized by Spain for 333 years, the influence of Christianity in regards to t ...

  • Siquijor Island A DIY Tour In The Mystical Island

    Siquijor Island A DIY Tour In The Mystical Island

    Siquijor has been described as mysterious and has always been linked to sorcery and witchcraft. But that doesn't stop us from exploring the province. So, let me share with you the experience during our stay in the 'Mystical Island' of Siquijor.


    Siquijor is an island province located in Central Visayas bounded by Cebu and Negros. There is an airport on the island, but it does not have commercial flights, so the only way of getting here is via sea travel. Dumaguete City in Negros is the gateway to Siquijor if you are coming from Manila and Cebu. While Tagbilaran has a ...

  • Siquijor My Favorite Place In The Philippines

    Siquijor My Favorite Place In The Philippines

    For the first time in over a year of travelling, we missed a reservation we had made. Our early morning flight from Boracay to Cebu was delayed almost three hours. When we finally landed we quickly hopped in an Uber and rushed to the bus station but got stuck in typical Filipino traffic. We hopped on a bus/ferry combo to Dumaguete and hoped we'd make what we had read online was the last ferry to Siquijor (7:20 PM). We arrived at 7:00 PM and raced down the street towards the port. Turns out he last ferry actually left at 6:00 PM.

    When we finally did arrive on Siquijor we (for some silly reas ...

  • How To Spend 3 Days In The Mystic Island Of Siquijor

    How To Spend 3 Days In The Mystic Island Of Siquijor

    Siquijor Island is known for caves, waterfalls, coral reefs, white sand beach, and potion. Yes, Siquijor has been associated with magic, witchcraft and sorcery, making it a good destination for some spooky adventure. The Spaniards fondly called Siquijor as "Isla del Fuego" or the Island of Fire because it gave off an eerie glow ??" thanks to the fireflies that festooned the many molave trees in the island at night.

    Let this itinerary be your guide to explore this mystic island in three days.

    Day 1
    06:15:00 AM - ETD bound for Dumaguete via Cebu airport
    06:45:00 AM - ETA in Dumaguete air ...

  • Discover Siquijor

    Dayon kamo diri sa Siquijor. Discover Siquijor!

    - Cambugahay Falls
    - Cantabon Cave
    - San Juan de Capilay Lake Spring Park
    - Mount Bandilaan National Park
    - Tulapos Marine Sanctuary
    - Salagdoong Beach
    - Solili Festival