Tubod Marine Sanctuary

San Juan, Siquijor

Tubod Marine Sanctuary one of the best dive sites in Siquijor and a good place to spot mating mandarin fishes at dusk.

Situated on the southwestern side of the island, this 7.5 hectare protected area was originally declared in 1989 through Municipal Ordinance 07-1989. A series of amendments in the ordinance and changes in the management body re-established it as a protected area in ...

2003 through Municipal Ordinance 15-2003. This fringing reef is characterized by a long stretch of white sand, a large algal and sea-grass bed in the flat reef and followed by a slope dominated by branching growth forms of live hard corals. This MPA is also houses the Coco Grove resort and Sea Explorers dive shop.

The MPA is managed by the Tubod Fishermen's Association which is an organization of local people. It is also assisted by the Municipality of San Juan, the provincial government, the Tubod barangay local government unit, Coco Grove Beach Resort, and the Coastal Conservation and Education (CCE) Foundation. Based on the Management Rating System, Tubod Marine Sanctuary is Level 4 (marine protected area (MPA) is sustained) and has an accumulated number points total of 34.

Tubod Marine Sanctuary News

  • Siquijor, Tubod Marine Sanctuary

    A visit to Siquijor is not complete without having a glimpse of the famous Tubod Marine Sanctuary, a 7-hectare protected enclave right in front of Coco Grove Beach Resort.

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    Today's travel vlog we will be exploring Tubod beach as well as the marine sanctuary in Siquijor. Today is another amazing day exploring the Philippines.

    Siquijor island is a pretty small island which can be driven around within a few hours, so the best way to explore Siquijor is to get a scooter and just drive.

    Tubod beach is a very beautiful beach and should DEFINITELY be considered one of the best beaches in the Philippines, the water is very clear with no rubbish and the sand is pristine. Just as you would expect in the Philippines. If you fly a drone over the beach you will be spee ...

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    Where Love Dwells Siquijor

    I grew up with two lives: the default existence that took place in Manila with its urban demands and serious goings on which followed the rules of logic; and my other, real, home life that happened every summer my family would spend in Siquijor, our ancestors' home province, in a town called Lazi that nobody else knew about; a name that was only whispered hintingly or with a knowing wink.

    I have always taken it for granted that Siquijor was a magical, mysterious place; that it held secrets and clues and truths accessible only to the open heart. I take this innate dark beauty and mystery to ...

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    Paradise Found

    Coco Grove Beach Resort, Siquijor
    Fire and Magic

    Don't let Siquijor Island's 'mystical' and 'fiery' rep stop you from seeing this upscale beach resort.

    Grotesque images of witches and shamans, dark magic and sorcery dominate people's perception of Siquijor, but as our posh Coco Princess yacht approached Coco Grove Beach Resort (a sprawling beach property fronting the pristine shore of the misconstrued island), all the talk and careful warnings about kulam, barang, and tawas seem daft. All fear and pretenses were blotted out by the postcard-pretty beauty of this "mystical" place framed b ...

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    Siquijor a Magical Land Filled With Mystery And Marvels

    Famous for its folk healing traditions, Siquijor is an exotic island-province that has been unfairly characterized as the land of witchcraft, mystery and sorcery. One of the most intriguing and enigmatic islands in the Philippines, Siquijor is also known as a home to diabolic supernatural creatures, such aswangs (vampires), agtas (giants), and engkantos (environmental spirits). But, as most modern Filipinos know, these stories are only classic myths fabricated a long time ago, to protect this island-province from the influx of intruders.

    Despite its reputation of being an unearthly land, t ...

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    Another Photowalk On a Siquijor Beach

    Yep, the typhoon weather did clear out much faster than anyone expected, and I was able to spend yesterday out exploring the island. The pattern on Siquijor is a pretty clear one. The main ring road is too far inland to provide much in the way of scenic views, and the land between the road and the coast is generally private land and inaccessible. Therefore, to see the coast ??" by far the most beautiful and interesting area ??" you have to find a side road that leads to a little village on the ocean. That gives you access to the ocean, and from there you can walk as far in any direction you li ...