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  • Siquijor Dilaab Festival 08 - 2nd Place QMIS

    Siquijor Dilaab Festival from QMIS - Choreograph by Robert and company.

  • Dilaab Festival 2010 In Siquijor

    The Dilaab Festival is celebrated annually with different kinds of activities and shows in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, the town's patron saint and a famous lover of nature. It is a thanksgiving celebration of Siquijor's natural resources.

  • Siquijor Guiwanon Spring Park Amongst The Mangroves

    Siquijor Guiwanon Spring Park Amongst The Mangroves

    During my first trip to Siquijor, I've wanted to visit a certain mangrove park after reading about it from Ironwulf's blog. Back then, I haven't been to the Kalibo Mangrove Eco-Park, which was probably one of the most extensive of this type of parks, so I was really interested in this place, wooden planks elevated several feet from the ground, gnarly trees and all. It was just unfortunate that we were unable to check it out due to time constraints.

    After four years of traveling around the country and outside of it, I've finally seen my share of mangrove parks, but still, I was still longing ...

  • Cantabon Cave Siquijor The Philippines Enchanted Cave

    Cantabon Cave is about 300 meters long and 10 meters wide, with a cathedral ceiling and flooring glimmering with stalactites and stalagmites of different shapes and sizes.

    In the middle of the cave is a small natural pool with crystal-clear cool water, while water cascades from invisible springs all around.

  • Eco-adventuring In Siquijors Cantabon Cave

    Eco-adventuring In Siquijors Cantabon Cave

    The trek to Cantabon cave in the town of Siquijor was tough but rewarding. For Sweetheart and her relatives, it was a different and daring adventure to walk underneath the island known for its pristine beaches and dive sites.

    My goodness, the magnificent chamber of stalactites and stalagmites and natural pools of water is breath-taking, exclaimed Sweetheart, who was home for three weeks in May this year from Toronto where she works as a personal support worker. Although it was her second time to visit the cave, the experience had always been exhilarating.

    Sweetheart was with cousin Juli ...

  • Guiwanon Spring Park Siquijor

    Guiwanon Spring Park Siquijor

    We were in a hurry. We saw the sun was setting about 45 minutes past the hour of 5. I thought Kuya is supposed to stop the multicab so I can get my sunset photos but he just surprised us saying we still have to go a last stop before heading in to the hotel.

    The location of Guiwanon Spring, also known as Luyang Spring since it is located in Barangay Luyang is at the other side of where Cocogrove is. We are greeted with the small plants in a black plastic bags, organized for buyers. I didn't bother asking but looks like mangroves.

    Locals built rest houses in stilts about 3 feet high. The s ...