Siquijor Island


Siquijor is an island province in the Visayas. It lies southeast from Cebu and Negros across Cebu Strait and southwest from Bohol. Panglao Island which is part of Bohol province has a similar composition of the soil which was also found in the whole island of Siquijor.[citation needed] Bohol is also located north of Mindanao separated by the Bohol Sea.

Siquijor's long ago reputation ...

as a place of magic and sorcery both attracts visitors and keeps them away. Siquijor is also well known for its festivals that focus on healing rituals where incantations are sung while the old folks make potions out of herbs, roots, insects and tree barks. In hushed talks, locals would share a story or two about folk legends pointing to the existence of witchcraft and witches in the island.

Among the many attractions are the beaches, caves, waterfalls, Bandilaan Natural Park, and butterfly sanctuary. White sand beaches make up most of the 102-kilometer coastline of Siquijor.

The coral reefs ringing the island offer some of the best diving in the Philippines for snorkelers and scuba divers. Dive courses are conducted by several dive operators on the island in version of PADI, CMAS and NAUI. Siquijor was declared a marine reserve in 1978.  Wiki

Siquijor Island News

  • 7 Reasons To Visit Siquijor In The Philippines Now

    7 Reasons To Visit Siquijor In The Philippines Now

    Siquijor, dubbed as the "Island of Fire", is an island 30 km southeast of Negros, south of Cebu and southwest of Bohol. It is locally known as the island of magic as it is the home of witches and countless supernatural phenomena.

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    Chasing Paradise: Five Alternatives To Boracay

    The Philippines' famed island, Boracay, was closed to the public in April 2018 in an attempt to try and restore the incredible location to its former glory after suffering the effects of overtourism. The picturesque island, previously famous for pristine beaches and a heady party vibe, has reopened with a limit on the daily number of visitors and a set of rules designed to protect the environment. If you want to take the boat less travelled, keep your flippers on and consider these responsible alternatives to Boracay within the island-hopping haven that is the Philippines.

  • Siquijor Travel Guide

    Siquijor Travel Guide

    The Land of Faith Healing: strange as it seems, travelling to the island of Siquijor will raise eyebrows once mentioned because of its reputation for the black arts. Even the older generations still practices and believes in witchcraft and sorcery; although at present time it is still practiced in a less prevalent scale. Because of the eerie glow the island emits during sundown, particulary from fireflies flocking the gargantuan Molave trees, it tickled the curiosity of Spaniards to visit it - "Si Kihod" answered by a native who thought they were asking for his name (instead of the name of the ...

  • Siquijor Island Tour In A Day

    Siquijor Island Tour In A Day

    Still planning on how to spend the rest of the summer days?

    Here are five must-visit destinations on Siquijor Island. You can tour them in just one day.

    These are Cambugahay Falls, Century Old Balete Tree, Paliton Beach, Larena Triad Coffee Shop, and Salagdoong Beach Resort.

    There are many other spots you can visit. Just make arrangements with the driver.

    The local government of Siquijor has standardized the rates for tour packages.

  • Glamping Siquijor Travel Guide

    Glamping Siquijor Travel Guide

    I have always been fascinated with this whole idea of glamorous camping as I often see it on foreign Instagram accounts. The whole picture looks dreamy and the hipster vibe makes it even more appealing to millennial like me. However, theres limited availability of it from where I was at and not to mention, glamping is not cheap. So when I found out about this awesome campsite in the island of fire here in the Philippines, I knew I had to be there! Let me bring you to, GLAMPING SIQUIJOR!

  • Top 5 Reasons Why Siquijor Is Your Next Travel Destination

    It is obvious to say that Siquijor is the most bewitching island in the Philippines. We may know that this mystic land of fire is famous for its witches, sorcerers and magic potions. But it also has beautiful white sand beaches, entrancing waterfalls, fascinating caves, and centuries-old churches. This sounds like a perfect summer getaway, a combination of time for relaxation and enchanted yet beautiful adventures. Here are the five of the most popular must-go places in Siquijor.