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  • Siquijor, Tubod Marine Sanctuary

    A visit to Siquijor is not complete without having a glimpse of the famous Tubod Marine Sanctuary, a 7-hectare protected enclave right in front of Coco Grove Beach Resort.

  • Exploring The Philippines Tubod Beach And Marine Sanctuary, Best Beach In Siquijor

    Today's travel vlog we will be exploring Tubod beach as well as the marine sanctuary in Siquijor. Today is another amazing day exploring the Philippines.

    Siquijor island is a pretty small island which can be driven around within a few hours, so the best way to explore Siquijor is to get a scooter and just drive.

    Tubod beach is a very beautiful beach and should DEFINITELY be considered one of the best beaches in the Philippines, the water is very clear with no rubbish and the sand is pristine. Just as you would expect in the Philippines. If you fly a drone over the beach you will be spee ...

  • Pinoy Aquaman Swims From Dumaguete To Siquijor MindaNews Page 4

    Pinoy Aquaman Swims From Dumaguete To Siquijor MindaNews Page 4

    Endurance swimmer and environmental lawyer Ingemar "Pinoy Aquaman" Macarine did another first in his Dumaguete City to Siquijor swim, breaking his longest personal record in his open-water swimming carrier.

    Bucking strong currents, Macarine crossed TaƱon Strait from Silliman Beach in Dumaguete to Barangay Tambisan in this town covering a total distance of 24.65 kilometers in 11 hours and 21 minutes.

    Macarine's swim today is his longest since going into open water swimming sport on December 31, 2013 breaking his longest record during the Visayas-Mindanao swim in 2014 which was 23 kilomet ...

  • Lugnason Falls In Siquijor Tour

    The first stop on my Siquijor tour.


  • Ultimate Siquijor Island Tour 12 Destinations A Day

    This is the ultimate Siquijor Island tour with 12 destinations in a day!

  • Majestic Siquijor

    Majestic Siquijor

    It was a beautiful summer morning the sky was clear, the air was crisp, and the sunshine was divine. It was one of those spontaneous trips you make with your friends that turn out to be one of the best beach days of your life. We planned the trip on a Friday night and started traveling the following morning even before we had our breakfast. I barely had sleep because I still came all the way from Cebu City, but that didn't stop me a bit. I was undeniably hyped up. We took the ferryboat from Dumaguete Seaport and arrived at our destination after an hour or so.

    Siquijor, the island of mystics ...