San Juan Beach

San Juan, Siquijor

San Juan Beach is covered in coral stones and is located in San Juan, Siquijor.

San Juan Beach Siquijor News

  • Siquijor Island Tour Finally

    Siquijor Island Tour Finally

    My heart was beating wildly, like it's about to burst out of my chest. The 30L bag that I was carrying for two days suddenly became so heavy and my feet were shaking as if I had been in a major climb. The passengers who were with us from Tagbilaran slowly disembarked from the fastcraft like it was just the normal thing to do. Sure, it was. But not for me.

    I had been planning to visit "Isla del Fuego" for two years. I should have been here two years ago. But after our two days trip to Dumaguete and Apo Island, a typhoon entered into the premise of the Visayas region prohibiting marine vessel ...

  • How To Get To Siquijor Island The Philippines And Experience A Truly Island Beauty

    How To Get To Siquijor Island The Philippines And Experience A Truly Island Beauty

    My visit

    It's my second time to visit the Island. The first one, was way back 2007 and we arrived on the Island quite late in the afternoon. My first impression then as soon as we arrived at the Port was that, it was going to be a laid-back Island. There was not much people at the Port which you usually see on regular ports. Not much motorbikes for rent you see today lining up as soon as you get out of the port's gate. We even had a hard time getting jeep to take us to where we wanted to stay which was in Salagdoong Beach.

    The island, in my younger years, was always featured in several l ...

  • Siquijor Travel Guide Itinerary And Budget

    Siquijor Travel Guide Itinerary And Budget

    Planning a trip is crucial to make sure everything runs smoothly. It also makes everything very predictable??"in other words, BORING. For my twenty something birthday celebration this year (thank God for another year of paghahasik ng rainbow, confetti with glow-in-the-dark glitters at kabaklaan in this planet pak pak ganern!), I thought of going on an adventure GANERNDERLUST style??"which is simply adopting a spontaneous, fearless, and I-don't-give-a-damn-as-long-as-I-am-happy attitude!

    Well, true enough my Dumaguete-Siquijor-Apo Island Trip was more fun and exciting than what I thought it ...

  • Discover These 12 Stunning Destinations In The Visayas

    Discover These 12 Stunning Destinations In The Visayas

    When someone mentions Visayas, the top of mind vacation destination is either Boracay or Cebu. However the region has many other beautiful attractions, which may be more difficult to get to, but are worth the adventure.

    When you travel around the Philippines, you have many choices of powdery beaches, old churches and many other natural wonders and historical structures that are worth visiting. Visayas is a region that has several of these places, making it a popular destination for foreign and local tourists alike.


    When someone mentions Siquijor, one can't help but think of m ...

  • Down South Why I Keep Coming Back To Siquijor

    Down South Why I Keep Coming Back To Siquijor

    My friend Pie and I forgot about the key. We were sound asleep inside the room and perhaps slightly snoring after a day of following the must-dos in Siquijor to heart: San Juan's Capilay Spring: checked. Salagdoong's molave forest: checked. Jumping from Salagdoong's Beach Resort's outcrop: checked. Taking photos of Lazi's church and convent: checked. Lazi's balete tree: checked. Taking a dip at Cambugahay: checked. Photos of San Juan sunset: checked.

    We were young and did not know any better.

    We remembered about the key when we were about to check out and started looking for it. It was w ...

  • Siquijor Island A Mysterious Trip

    Siquijor Island A Mysterious Trip

    With a magical vibe attached to it, the Siquijor Island is a Filipino paradise which can offer one of the most relaxing vacations you'll ever be in. Full of legends and intriguing myths this island's history and culture will appeal to the curious ones with stories about witchcraft (mangkukulam ??" healers, potions and healing rituals) and the rise of the island itself from the depth of the ocean. Legend has it that Siquijor rose from the sea during an incredible thunder storm and the numerous fossils and shells found in Mount Bandila-an are seen as evidence for this theory.

    Legends and myth ...