Paliton Fish Sanctuary

San Juan, Siquijor

Paliton Marine Fish Sanctuary is located in Paliton, San juan, Siquijor and has a size of 6.5 hectares.

Paliton Marine Fish Sanctuary News

  • Siquijor Island Untouched Beauty In The Visayas

    Siquijor Island Untouched Beauty In The Visayas

    With 7107 islands it is extremely hard to put together an itinerary for travelling the Philippines. Why did we choose to visit Siquijor out of all the islands? We want to relax, hang around the beach, explore an island that is not too touristy, go diving and work on our blog. Siquijor island seems to be the perfect place to do all that. We tell you what you can do on the untouched island and what it costs to get and stay there.

    What to do on Siquijor island ??" Relax, explore, dive

    Siquijor island is with 338 km2 and a coastline of about 100 km quite a small island in the central Visayas ...

  • Paliton Beach San Juan Siquijor A Sunny Surprise

    Paliton Beach San Juan Siquijor A Sunny Surprise

    Siquijor invited a handful of activities to do, but I thought I had to blog about this one separately. After going to a nature center, which I will include in my Siquijor entry soon, we started our quest for secluded beaches, somewhere less touristy, but a haven where we can truly relax and be one with nature---specifically the island's marine life.

    So while we scootered around the island and me still trying to get over the getting-to-know stage between my motorbike and I, we found Paliton Marine Sanctuary in San Juan, Siquijor. We drove ourselves down to the coast from the main road, thril ...

  • Paliton Staghorn Siquijor Philippines Dive Site

    Dive Site Of Paliton Siquijor.

  • Paliton Marine Sanctuary Siquijor January 2015

    Paliton Marine Sanctuary Siquijor January 2015

    There are numerous marine sanctuaries that you can visit in Siquijor, these are privately owned so you have to pay a certain fee when you enter their beach premise. We got to visit a few but the most fish we got to interact with was in Paliton Marine Sanctuary.

    It was very evident that the island practiced dynamite fishing before. Majority of the area underneath are crushed white corals, there are some areas where there are live corals and fish. Illegal fishing has now been banned and I hope they still keep it this way. From how it looks, give the island of a couple more of years and the se ...

  • Paliton Wall On Siquijor Island

    Drop strait down from 5m to 34m on paliton wall.

  • Siquijor Island Paliton Wall And Paliton Staghorn

    Diving with Sea Explorers.