Lugnason Falls

San Juan, Siquijor

Lugnason Falls is a more than 7m/20 foot tall waterfall found in Brgy. Napo, San Juan, Siquijor. Lugnason Falls is a cluster of limestone rocks that is a wide opening drop from a stream uphill. The landing area when you get to see the falls is elevated, and you need to get down on a steep man-made steps to reach the water basin. On that elevation though, are several benches for family to gather, a ...

nd parents to watch the young ones enjoy their swim.

Lugnason Falls News

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  • Lugnason Falls Siquijor Philippines No Tourist

    Come and join me on another exciting adventure at LUGNASON FALLS in Siquijor Philippines. There were almost no tourists. Only a few locals which I had the chance to meet and have some fun with.

    If you ever go to SIQUIJOR in the Philippines, you must go and check out Lugnason Falls!!

    Let me know in the comments below if you decide to go!

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  • Lugnason Falls San Juan Siquijor

    Apart from the famous Cambugahay falls of Siquijor, you can also choose Lugnason Falls as a side-trip. Even though it is smaller than Cambugahay, it is still a delightful place to drop-by especially because it?s free to visit.

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