Kagusuan Beach

Maria, Siquijor

Kagusuan Beach is noted for its picturesque seascape and rock formation. It is found below a cliff and can be reached through a concrete staircase. This secluded and undeveloped beach is perfect for swimming, snorkeling and camping overnight. Getting to this beach can be tricky since there are no road signs. Plus, you might also get lost so it's better to bring a guide.

Kagusuan Beach News

  • Siquijor Island Part 1

    Day 1 in Siquijor Island

    Places we visited:
    - Lugnasan Falls
    - Cambugahay Falls
    - Kagusuan Beach
    - Salagdoong Beach

  • Exploring Siquijor The Island Of Fire

    Exploring Siquijor The Island Of Fire

    This is the continuation of my Negros travel blog post as I went ahead to the province of Siquijor after my short stop in Dumaguete. I really intended to go here after exploring parts of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental thats why after staying overnight in Apo Island, I went to Dumaguete and rode a charter boat going to Siquijor, the province that was once called Isla de Fuego, which means Land of Fire.

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    This is the ultimate Siquijor Island tour with 12 destinations in a day!

  • Siquijor Island Day Tour 12 Amazing Spots

    Siquijor Island Day Tour 12 Amazing Spots

    There are plenty of amazing things to explore in life that I don't wanna just sit back, relax and waste time doing nothing. Being a wanderer always brings me happiness and fulfillment because I get to explore a different side of me ??" the child within me that doesn't wanna grow up.

    The progress of life is always rewarding. It does not have to be work, work, work but also life, life, life. There may be hard times but the pot of gold at the end of the tunnel always gratify oneself.

    Siquijor Island is one of the places nearby that I long for and checking this item off my bucket list defini ...

  • Siquijor Travel Guide Itinerary Budget And Tips

    Siquijor Travel Guide Itinerary Budget And Tips

    Last September of this year,I went to the third smallest province in the country, Siquijor Island and jaunt for one whole day.Who could have thought that this town we always believe creepy and full of mysterious stuff is also a paradise. The town with an idyllic place. I was amazed when I saw their chasing waterfalls, beaches and churches.


    07:00 AM: ETD ??" Dumaguete Port
    08:00 AM: ETA- Siquijor Port
    09:00 AM: ETA- Capilay Spring Park San Juan, Siquijor
    10:00 AM: ETA- Enchanted Balete Tree and Fish Spa
    11:00 AM: ETA- San Isidro Labrador Church and Convent
    12:00 NN: ET ...

  • Siquijor Kagusuan Beach Boulders Sands And Corals At Maria

    Siquijor Kagusuan Beach Boulders Sands And Corals At Maria

    "Can you show us a different beach this time around?" I asked our Siquijor guide, Dennis, as our tricycle sped through the deserted highway loop around the island. We've been to a few of the famous beaches around Siquijor; Tubod Beach and Salagdoong Beach particularly, but we knew this island still has a few more sandy secrets right up its mystical sleeve.

    From the highway circumnavigating Siquijor, we turned a bend from Barangay Minalulan in the town of Maria and crossed over to barangay Lilo-An. The road was narrow, set on both sides by lush trees bending right at the top, forming a sort ...