Guiwanon Spring Park

Siquijor, Siquijor

Guiwanon Spring Park and Mangrove is located in Luyang, Siquijor, Siquijor. It is accessible from the main road and it is very noticeable because of its large signage outside its humble doors. The park is owned by the community. With a help from ADB they were able to put up the park in sides with the seed bank for mangroves. The cooperative then sell the seedlings to other community in Siquijor Is ...

land. Mangroves are vital to the ecosystem and livelihood of the people of the Island. It helps the fishermen to have a quality catch thus earning a good margin.

Guiwanon Spring Park and Mangrove News

  • Exploring Siquijor The Island Of Fire

    Exploring Siquijor The Island Of Fire

    This is the continuation of my Negros travel blog post as I went ahead to the province of Siquijor after my short stop in Dumaguete. I really intended to go here after exploring parts of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental thats why after staying overnight in Apo Island, I went to Dumaguete and rode a charter boat going to Siquijor, the province that was once called Isla de Fuego, which means Land of Fire.

  • Siquijor Around The Mystic Island Of The Philippines

    Siquijor Around The Mystic Island Of The Philippines

    Siquijor is a small island with so much to offer, from beautiful beaches to century old churches. It's a place where you can enjoy tranquility and have a glimpse of its history.

    We had a chance to see some of the tourist destinations in Siquijor. Our driver Kuya Danny was very kind to show us the most beautiful places on the island.

    St Isidore de Labrador Church or Lazi Church
    Location: Lazi, Siquijor

    The church is one of the oldest Roman Catholic Church which is located in the municipality of Lazi. Being colonized by Spain for 333 years, the influence of Christianity in regards to t ...

  • Trip To The North Of Cebu Part 2

    Trip To The North Of Cebu Part 2

    When people go on a trip to the northern part of Cebu, they normally have a specific destination in mind. But there are a lot of things you can see and do in the towns of northern Cebu. This list contains six more places you can visit if you want to go on a road trip to the north of Cebu.


    The next town we will visit is Sogod. The name of this northern town comes from the Visayan word "sinugdanan," which means beginning. The name was based on a natural phenomenon where the white sand starts in the beach located in Barangay Bawo. It starts in the area and extends to the northern par ...

  • Siquijor Island Tour Finally

    Siquijor Island Tour Finally

    My heart was beating wildly, like it's about to burst out of my chest. The 30L bag that I was carrying for two days suddenly became so heavy and my feet were shaking as if I had been in a major climb. The passengers who were with us from Tagbilaran slowly disembarked from the fastcraft like it was just the normal thing to do. Sure, it was. But not for me.

    I had been planning to visit "Isla del Fuego" for two years. I should have been here two years ago. But after our two days trip to Dumaguete and Apo Island, a typhoon entered into the premise of the Visayas region prohibiting marine vessel ...

  • Discovering Five Hidden Spots Of Siquijor

    Discovering Five Hidden Spots Of Siquijor

    Summer is just around the corner and definitely one of the kick-off activities that you have to prepare for the next year. When it comes to summer destinations, the world can offer you a variety of choices. However, selecting a memorable and one-of-a-kind summer story will also greatly depend on the beauty of your destination.

    One of the most recommended destinations for summer today is the simple island known, Siquijor. Going abroad is no longer an option today if you wish to see paradise without traveling much. Here are the five best and hidden spots to go when it Siquijor according to Tr ...

  • Ultimate Siquijor Island Tour 12 Destinations A Day

    This is the ultimate Siquijor Island tour with 12 destinations in a day!