Ulot River

Paranas, Samar

Ulot River the longest river in the whole island of Samar with a total length of 90 kilometers. Counting its numerous tributaries, it's total length has been estimated to reach over 500 kilometers.

The river is located inside the protected area covered by the Samar Island Natural Park (SINP), created by PD No. 442 (August 13, 2003) ??" an area considered one of the country's top bot ...

anical diversity centers.

Ulot River News

  • Endless Samar Part 4 Ulot River Torpedo Boat Adventure

    Endless Samar Part 4 Ulot River Torpedo Boat Adventure

    Any solo traveler will tell you that one of the most painful parts of traveling alone is the fact that you have no one to share expenses with. After riding around the coastal road of Samar on the way back to Catbalogan City, I decide to squeeze in one last activity. When I passed by the local tourism office in Samar, the three main destinations being promoted were Sohoton Caves Natural Bridge in Basey, the Rock Formations in Marabut and the Ulot River Torpedo Boat Ride in Paranas. Ive visited the province of Samar on several caving trips and have written a detailed travel guide about it, but ...

  • Extreme Torpedo Boat Ride In Paranas Samar

    Extreme Torpedo Boat Ride In Paranas Samar

    There are two Ps in life that I am terrible at planning and packing. These two always go together when it comes to traveling. After all, being able to properly pack for a trip means that you have planned your upcoming trip well.

  • Torpedo Boats In The Philippines Are The Best , You Wont Believe This

    This could be one of the BEST activities you can try in the Philippines!

    They call them "Torpedo Boats" and once you see them in action, you will understand why! The locals along the Ulot River in Paranas Samar would transport themselves using this unique canoe style boats with motors. A few years ago one of my friends actually went and helped turn their local way of transport into an amazing tourism activity.


    A MUST TRY!!!!

  • Travel Guide Samar Province

    Travel Guide Samar Province

    Samar (formerly named Western Samar), is one of the three provinces of Samar Island in Eastern Visayas in the Philippines. Home to a network of amazing caves hidden beneath the regions lush jungles, including the biggest cave system in the country, Samar is a rugged destination where adventure seekers can experience something out of the ordinary. Though most of Samar Island remains off-the-radar for local tourists, many international spelunkers have been drawn here since its been dubbed the "Caving Capital of the Philippines".

  • Paranas Thrilling Torpedo Boat Ride In Ulot River

    Paranas Thrilling Torpedo Boat Ride In Ulot River

    Looking for an adrenaline rush? Then experience Samars accelerating torpedo ride in their longest river, Ulot river. Its like water rafting but without the need of paddling since the wooden boats are equipped with engines.

  • All Easy In EV

    All Easy In EV

    Chances are, travel plans for your summer include at least one international location. Like many Filipinos, there is joy in getting those passports stamped in the world's most popular travel bucket lists.

    But have you considered some overlooked Philippine destinations? Whenever friends and relatives ask for places to visit in our fair country, we default with the following answers: Boracay, Cebu, Palawan, maybe Bohol, maybe Davao.

    Interestingly enough, Eastern Visayas, known as Region 8, has so much to offer??"and it is totally underrated, for now at least. The best thing about this is, ...