Ton-ok Falls

Calbayog City, Samar

Ton-ok Falls, also called Tun-ok Falls, are a 45 minute drive from Calbayog City, Samar, to Sigo plus 30-minute hike to Ton-ok falls. It is a scenic waterfall hidden in a lush tropical vegetation. Nature has placed it out of easy reach to preserve its beauty. A source of hydroelectric power.

The scenic view of the waterfall is vividly illustrated through the boulders that rise and ...

water falls in a series of cataract-like steps from down below to the topmost section of the mountain. Nature has placed it within easy reach to compensate and preserve its beauty.

Ton-ok Falls or Tun-ok Falls News

  • A Scenic Waterfall Ton-ok Falls

    A Scenic Waterfall Ton-ok Falls

    Calbayog City has about 157 barangays and they're divided into three (3) districts, the Calabayog District, the Tinambacan District and the Oquendo District. Barangay Sigo which is a part of the third district, is where Ton-ok Falls is located.

    Ton-ok Falls is a scenic waterfall hidden in lush tropical vegatation, which nature has placed out of easy reach to preserve its beauty. It is a source of hydroelectric power.

    How to get there:

    From the Calabayog terminal, take a tricycle that goes to Oquendo District or to Barangay Sigo. But before you do, tell the drivers you're going to Ton- ...

  • Tourism Spots

    Tourism Spots

    Samar province has her share of nature's bounty. Among the nature's jewels which enchantingly lure tourists and local folks includes unexplored mountains and caves which are inhabited by exotic wildlife, pristine shores rimmed by unspoiled coral reefs, cloud-hidden lakes of blue surrounded by multi-colored flowers and beautiful beaches and waterfalls nestled beside a mountain. Here are some of Samar's beautiful spots.

    ▪ Sohoton National Park

    The park is situated at Rawis, Brgy. Guirang, Basey, Samar covering an approximate area of 840 hectares. Fascinating geological features ab ...

  • The Splendid Province of Samar

    The Splendid Province of Samar

    Samar, formerly and also known as Western Samar, is a province in the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. Its capital is Catbalogan City and covers the western portion of Samar Island as well as several islands in the Samar Sea located to the west of the mainland. Catbalogan City and Calbayog City, two of the three cities on Samar Island, are located in the province of Samar. The province is bordered by Northern Samar and Eastern Samar. Samar is connected to the island and province of Leyte via the San Juanico Bridge, which spans the San Juanico Strait, the narrowest strait in t ...

  • Visit and Discover the City of Calbayog in Samar

    Visit and Discover the City of Calbayog in Samar

    Calbayog is a first class city in the province of Samar. It lies along the coastal region of the province, stretching about 60 miles from the northern tip of the island and 180 miles from southern boundaries. Calbayog comprises 157 barangays, 25 of which are urban and 132 are rural. According to the 2010 census, Calbayog has a population of 172,778 (37,395 households) making it the third most populated city in Eastern Visayas and the most populated city in Samar Island; the city alone makes up 23.5% of the population of the province of Samar. Calbayog is one of the commercial trade centers in ...

  • Share in Natures Bounty

    Share in Natures Bounty

    The third largest island in the Philippines and the largest among the three Samar provinces, Western Samar or Samar province lies in the southwestern part of Samar Island. Surrounded by Northern Samar on the north, Eastern Samar on the east, Samar Sea on the west and Leyte Gulf on the south.

    Samar was previously called Zamal, Ibabao, Achan and Tandaya. The legends told that when the Spanish sailed in the province, they have encountered a wounded man and asked him the name of the place. The man did not understand Spanish and thought that they were asking what happened to him and say "samad" ...