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  • A Beginners Journal Spelunking In Langun Gobingob Caves Calbiga Samar

    For every beginner at anything, there is for sure more encouraging than the excitement but the start of something worth taking in his lifetime. Any first is as good as it gets - a fresh memory it always will be. And perhaps, it only aims at one thing, to taste a far different take at life showing some courage at uncomfortable situations or unfamiliar encounters, especially when you're all alone by yourself.

    Last year, I came across a website dedicated to caving in Samar. It is actually maintained by Joni Bonifacio, a cave master himself, who leads a nature-loving team called Trexplore the A ...

  • Wrong mangrove rehab in Yolanda areas wasting funds

    Wrong mangrove rehab in Yolanda areas wasting funds

    When marine biologist Margie Dela Cruz saw an old man about to plant mangrove seedlings in a channel in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, she panicked.

    The man was about to plant a species of mangroves called Rhizophora, more commonly called bakhaw, in seagrass beds, a completely different ecosystem from mangroves and home to a different set of organisms.

    Bakhaw do not naturally grow in the channel in the fishing village of Namitan. Instead, pagatpat (Sonneratia alba) and piapi (Avicennia marina) mangroves thrive there.

    By planting mangroves that had never been there, the reforestation only repl ...

  • Capul Island in Northern Samar charms foreigners on cruise ship

    Capul Island in Northern Samar charms foreigners on cruise ship

    Two islets rich in history and cultural heritage captivated the hearts of foreign tourists on a cruise ship during stopovers in the Visayas last month.

    "They loved their activities, enjoyed the rustic ambiance of the place and, most significantly, were charmed by the warmth and friendliness of the entire community," said Karen S. Tiopes, Department of Tourism director for Eastern Visayas.

    The 87 Americans, Europeans and some Asians, as well as their guides, on board the MS Caledonian Sky, had their taste of the world-renowned Filipino hospitality on Capul Island in Northern Samar provinc ...